2022-03-06 Actively Avoiding Everything

Yesterday I was able to finish review/copy edits of the galley copy of my chapbook. For the second to last time, presumably. Ball is in the publisher’s court again. Glad to have that off my mind so I can ignore it at least for a little while.

Today my goal is to take a shower and cut my hair. Lofty, I know! 😂

But if my expectations are low, then I won’t be disappointed right? I suppose unless I fuck my hair up, nothing can go wrong. Dare I say it out loud lest the Universe see it as a challenge. 

Though I’m still mulling over all the questions I’ve been asking myself the last two days, I’m gonna try not to focus on that today. Just let go and enjoy the day… which I suppose is the point, right? 

I would just turn my attention to Hulu for my morning cardio but I’ve clean run out of Master Chef episodes. And the next Bachelor episode doesn’t air until Monday or Tuesday. What’s a girl to do? 🤷‍♀️

Play Wordle of course but that only takes a hot minute. Then I’m going to putz on my laptop and try to avoid the news. I can’t take any more of the tragedy in Ukraine. 

We’ll see where that leads. 

I should probably start preparing for my houseguest who will be arriving from LA next Thursday but I’m honestly actively avoiding thinking about it in order to keep my anxiety at bay. Jim was asking me a bunch of questions about it in bed this morning and I was like “I don’t know” and then “I don’t know, please stop.” 

He and I are going to do a deep dive into the calendar today so we can get our stories straight over all the crap going on this spring. I might also paint my nails. 

So exciting! 

I think that’s it. If I’m trying not to think about all the “things and stuff,” then I should probably quit now. 

Maybe I’ll hunt for a new cardio show. 

Ciao for now, 

~Miss SugarCookie


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