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  • 2017-11-14 A Web of Possibilities

    Welcome to some random Tuesday. As usual, I have a whole list of regular activities planned for myself and I’m gonna try really hard to include working on my resume. Last night I started looking at a new job listing site called “Glassdoor”. I think I came across it because I googled for jobs in […]

  • 2017-11-13 The Truth About the Truth

    Today’s life lesson.. A person can be really confident they know a thing to be true and they can still be wrong. Fortunately I was wrong in a good way. When I was in Hawaii I started to get a tooth ache. That’s something I’ve never really experienced and I sort of dismissed it. Then […]

  • 2017-11-12 Sunday Status Update.. The Extended Version

    Well, it’s Sunday again. Time to start getting ready for the work week… Uhhh, so time to start getting ready for doing whatever the hell I want… Uhhh, well, what I mean is that it’s time to start getring ready to look for a job. Right??! Ugh.. ick! No. I refuse. 😜 How about a […]

  • 2017-11-11 The Phone Call that Changed Everything

    Sometimes we look back at moments in our lives and realize there was a particular occurance or decision or person that had a huge impact. Something so significant, it altered the course of our path and perhaps put us going in a new direction. Many times we don’t even realize those moments until weeks, months, […]

  • 2017-11-10 The Good, the Bad, and the Really, Really Ugly

    Let’s start with really, really ugly.. This morning when I woke up the temperature outside was 21 degrees. Brrrrrr, what?! Sometimes I wonder why I even live here since I hate the cold so, so much. I think the answer is/was family way back when, but now it’s definitely the kids. When they are grown […]

  • 2017-11-09 How I Really Feel

    The major disclaimer that I professed when I started this blog is that it would contain my raw, unedited feelings about everything that I have gone through and everything that I am going through. I do make an effort to keep things as transparent as possible and as “readable” as possible, but some days that’s […]

  • 2017-11-08 Back to My Reality

    We are now returning you to your regularly scheduled programming. We hope you have enjoyed the brief, albeit exciting (for us), change in scenery for the past 8 days. Be on the lookout for more diverse sites, sounds, and feels from our traveling corespondent, Miss SugarCookie, soon. *** Today was all about easing my kids […]

  • 2017-11-07 The Best and Worst of Maui

    OK, folks, it’s the moment you have all been waiting for. All the best and all the worst of our little Maui adventure. (and yes, despite 8 days of awesomeness, there were definitely some “worst” moments). Eight days is a long time to try and remember everything. I’ve covered the highlight of each day, but […]