2018-02-25 Another Sushiless Sunday Status Update

Instead, I’m having tacos! 🌮🧡
I know, it’s not Tuesday but Sunday is the new Tuesday so it’s OK.

I’m going to cut to the quick…

Sleep is still a struggle. Average of 6 hours and 11 minutes a night.

Exercise is waning as well. 15,768 steps per day average, which is still above goal. I was down to 1 Jazzercise class and I blame school and kids and blah, blah, blah.

I’m having all the food now. Meat, dairy, veggies, fruits, sugar (yeah, that’s a main food group), and alcohol.. everything. Including gluten and caffeine and candy. My new thing is “everything in moderation”. I know portion size is a key factor for me so I’m just trying to make mostly smart choices and roll with that right now.

I wrote a lot of poetry, inspired by late night, incoherent, sleepless (and sometimes inebriated) thoughts so most of it is rubbish.

I only worked about 15 hours this week which will NOT pay my bills by far.

I realized that all the crap poetry that I’m writing will not satisfy my next deadline for school and started to put some serious hours into that.

My relationship status is still single (shocking, I know). I was ghosted by a guy I really, really liked and I felt like shit about that for a few days. I’m over it now (more later on that if I finish my schoolwork).

My student status is still full time. Nobody is going to kick me out of grad school if I procrastinate something and then don’t turn in the most absolutely awesome set of writing ever. They want my money. However, I’m not inclined toward anything shy of perfection, so I am struggling with the precarious predicament I am in now.

On that note.. time to turn my attention back to Dickenson and Creeley,
Peace and Love,
~Miss SugarCookie

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