2017-01-22 Stack It, Track It, Smack It Down

What’s this now? Well if all the other things I’m juggling right now weren’t enough, I’ve decided that in the interest of my health, I’m going to start tracking my eating habits. What I’m sure of is that I already know from past experience what eating healthy looks like and I’ve got an array of good choices at my disposal. The other thing I am acutely aware of is that right now, I am not making those choices on a consistent basis. I feel like I do OK about half the time, but then I have entire days when all I eat is unhealthy. I also feel that (like most Americans) I am eating too much sugar. And when it comes to the fight to eat healthy, sugar is my number one enemy.

What I would like to do is get a good handle on just how unhealthy I’ve become as well as what the percentages of my diet are for carbs (sugar and otherwise), fat, and protein. Tracking my diet will help me form a clear picture of that and maybe pinpoint what my weak spots are or possibly highlight some things I thought were healthier than they are. I did this 11 years ago after I had my son and was trying to lose weight and at that time, I used a website called fitly.com. However now, like most things, there’s an app for my phone for that.

In fact there are a bunch of apps for that. I quickly came to understand that my first challenge in this process would be to choose. I searched for “calorie tracking” and read details and reviews for the top four. I downloaded all four and decided the only way to know which was best would be to try them all. The four apps are..

– LoseIt
– MyPlate
– MyFitnessPal
– MyNetDiary

It took me a couple of sessions to initiate using the apps and figuring out the user interface. Then, just yesterday, I started really trying to track what I am eating – IN ALL FOUR. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass to do 4X data entry, but tracking for several days entering the same exact data is the only way to determine if one is lacking or superior in some way. Having a little bit of history on my account also shakes out whether or not the dashboards and data analytics are descent.

Since I just started yesterday, today is only the second full day of tracking. I think there are a couple of noteworthy differences that would rule out a couple of the apps, but want to give it a couple more days to validate my thinking. Perhaps I will share the results of my little experiment as I get deeper into it. A new Miss SugarCookie Blog Category perhaps? I think so!

One thing is for certain, my love of Cheeseburgers never waivers and that is one thing I will never give up. It sounds so freaking good to me right now (I must be hungry), I’m probably about to go make one of those poor choices. Ha.

Mmmmm Delish,
Miss SugarCookie

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