2017-01-26 So Much to Say, So Much to Say

…But nothing much is jumping out at me to focus on. Sometimes you just have to start and “wing-it”.

My Twitter feed is full of people angry at the president. I just want to scream “I DONT CARE”.
My Facebook feed is full of people’s pictures .. happy babies, kids, spouses, selfies. What am I doing wrong?
My Instagram mostly has the same thing except there are pictures from my ex. Enter self loathing.
My Snapchat has snaps from my daughter. Growing up too fast.
All of this is madness.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention I have a job interview tomorrow. It’s kind of a long shot, but I’ve been open to the idea of new opportunities for quite some time now but decided early in the year last year it would have to be a really good fit for me to leave my current position. Sure, I have my ups and downs there, but the flexibility is so valuable to me. Being a mom, and staying active and healthy are important to me and so I need that flexibility and balance to make my life work.

I have this former co-worker who has wanted me to come work for her organization for such a long time now but there were never any openings in my field of expertise. Well just before Christmas last year, there was finally a spot open on that team. It’s taken more than a month to jump through all the HR hoops, but they finally called me in for an interview.

It’s kind of a weird feeling going to interview for a job you are pretty sure you would not take. Then again, you never know what life might hand you. So tomorrow I am going to put my best (only) suit on and spend the afternoon chatting these folks up about their company and this position. Guess that means I’m going to have to shower. 😛

“I find sometimes it’s easy to be myself. Sometimes, I find it’s better to be somebody else.” ~DMB

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