2017-04-06 Let’s Be Real

I’ve had a strange vibe in my soul today. Just wanting to listen to some good music and get my “A” game on. Every time I spin right round baby round, round, though, these fools be interrupting my flow. For real.

Let me break it down now. For real, real. This is like the organic Sugar Cookie that was promised. This was that raw, unfiltered deliciousness the way nature intended it to be.

I’m only human right? And human beings have flaws and make mistakes. We have emotions and get mad and say things we don’t mean. We get our feelings hurt and we want to express ourselves (or not). We can only promise ourselves we will do the best we can and then forgive ourselves when we fail to keep that promise. I’ve made some promises and I own the fact that I can’t always be what everyone expects me to be.

At work I’m a team lead and the example I set is important. Today, I was silly and sarcastic and said and did things probably contrary to what my upper management would have liked. I’m dis’n the Man and my peers are agreeing with me. I want to be able to have an opinion and I for sure want my peers to feel like they are allowed to have an opinion too. Even if it is contrary to the company line. Or societies lines. Or any life line. For Real.

If we can’t have an opinion, or freedom to speak up, then we can’t make things better or have more understanding. We have to have open minds and open conversation to make progress. When I started at my company one of the things I think they values the most was my expertise and opinions and willingness to talk through things so the processes could be made better. Now I feel like they just want everyone to shut up and just say “yes” to everything. That’s not awesome.

I am doing the best that I can in most circumstances with what I have to work with and the biggest constraint at the moment is time. Sprinkle in a little dis-satisfaction with the way folks are treated and the negative vibe reverberates across all areas. I always tell myself that it is better for me to hold my tongue unless what I am going to say can be measured as constructive, but I’m starting to believe that maybe a dose of “Real” is what is really (yes really) needed.

The question is what is the right time or place.? That could use some more thought while I also think about how best to say what I want to say. Until then, I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing and be more myself. I think people like the organic SugarCookies so I’m gonna to roll with it. Or, spin.. like a record baby, right round round round.

Keepin’ it Real
Miss SugarCookie

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