2017-05-18 The Ledge

I’m standing on it. I’ve been inching closer and closer in the past few weeks and now I am peering down into the abyss. But I’m no longer scared. I think I’ve had trepidation and fear and somehow in the last week, I have gained the clarity I’ve needed to overcome those feelings and really believe that it’s all going to be all-right, no matter what happens next.

Interestingly, I had my mind made up about this big life decision and since being home from Austin (less than two days), and having a few conversations with some other folks I am close to, I think the right first course of action is actually more conversation. Knowing what you want and what to ask for is one thing, and an important thing, but being able to negotiate terms, to the nth degree, without fear is on a different level.

I’m not afraid of them saying no. I’m not afraid of tendering my resignation. I was prepared to do that already. The biggest question in my mind yesterday was if I should give two weeks or five. I did also think that waiting until a few other persons in management were back in the office on Monday would be best, so that kind of swayed me away from actually pulling the trigger today. There’s nothing magical about today, and Monday would be much better.

Both of the people I’ve talked to about this in the past 24 hours urged me to just talk to my manager about the current situation. I fully intend to keep it as positive as possible and really just matter of fact, because that is what he responds to. He won’t have the authority to approve any changes, especially what I’ll be asking for, so this conversation will directly lead to the one that will likely happen on Monday. That will be the big one.

So what are my terms?…

– I’d like a 3-4 month sabbatical.
– I’d like to work remotely 5 days a week unless there is a reason to be in the office.
– I’d like to have an additional week of vacation time each year.
– I’ve also considered requesting to step down as team lead.

It’s a lot, but you know what is not on that list? More money.

Anyway, today should be really interesting. I’m excited and feeling very hopeful.

Ready to Jump,
~Miss SugarCookie

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