2017-07-02 Fireworks on a First Date

Let’s just set aside the fact that yesterday was July first and that there were only three days left until the 4th of July. Even if that was not the case, I would still stand by the statement that there were fireworks on my first date. Yowza.

We met at a bar near my place around 4PM. He was there when I arrived and being late afternoon, the place was pretty much empty save for the bartender. When I walked in, he was chatting with her and I was pleasantly surprised that he was better looking in person than the pictures I have seen. Shamelessly, I’m immediately thought to myself “now there’s a guy I would want to make out with”. Then we started to talk.

He seems like a smart person who is well educated and has a lot of experience with different things. We talked for quite a bit about his history and a little about mine. He definitely has some strong opinions about several topics that we touched on and was very easy to talk to and to listen to. Right away I could relate to a lot of what he was saying and I think he felt the same way. There was definitely an intellectual compatibility. That’s essential.

We milked a couple of drinks over the course of two or three hours, but it felt like no time passed at all. After that, we were both feeling very over the “bar” meet up location and decided to go somewhere else. I opted the jump in his truck and directed him to Chalco recreation area. It was still light out at that point but the sun was getting low in the sky. He parked the truck facing northwest so we could look out over the lake as the sun went down. Again, there was more conversation and this time it got a little deeper.

Some of what we talked about was fascinating. He seems like a very down to earth person, with a good head on his shoulders. He was also not afraid to talk about his beliefs, which were very open minded. This is a huge plus because a discrepancy in the belief system would probably lead to issues. I will admit, as we were talking, I was trying to focus on what he was saying, but my brain was spinning as fast as it could on the analysis of the situation. I can recall a lot of what he said, but I don’t think I can remember his dogs names. (one is Lola I think).

When the sun had dipped below the horizon, that is when the fireworks started, both literally and figuratively. He asked if he could have one kiss, which I happily obliged to and then one led to another, and another. So many fireworks popping off out beyond the lake matching the neurons firing inside my brain. It’s been a while since I felt like that about another person. It was both exhilarating and scary at the same time.

We made out for a while and then I pulled back and we chatted for a few more minutes. It had been about six hours at that point and I really never expected to still be out at 10PM. I had mixed emotions about staying longer versus going home, but I did feel like I should get home to the kids and finish out the night. So he drove me back to my car at the bar and we parted ways. I drove home feeling just amazing. I felt happy and hopeful and full of life. It really did not matter what may or may not happen next, because I was able to open up and enjoy this other person. That is priceless.

Today we have had a few exchanges on snapchat. Towards the end of our date yesterday, we schedule a second meet up on Monday after work. I’m very much looking forward to it. That will be July 3rd so there’s sure to be more fireworks.

Feeling Fabulous,
~Miss SugarCookie

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