2017-07-05 Mission Accomplished

I made my solo ride to the river on the 4th. I made it all the way there and back – about 40 miles round trip and it was absolutely amazing. I don’t have words to describe the range of emotions I felt along the way, or at least now words to do it justice. Pure joy and sadness, longing, regret, hope, elation. Wave after wave with every song in my ear and the ache in my body as I pushed my legs hard.

The sun set on my way home and it was beautiful. The skyline around me dotted with fireworks as blue just sort of faded into darkness. There was a very brief time the horizon was pink and orange but it was so brief I hardly had time to capture it with my camera. In truth, I stopped a lot on the way to the river and so on the way home, I just wanted to ride without interruption. I wanted to enjoy the moment I was in and not worry about trying to save it for the future. In society today we spend too much time on putting our lives into a frame for display and not enough on just being in the moment. At least that is how I feel about it.

It was dark by the time I hit the Keystone/Papio trail exchange and I missed it. Then I decided not to exit on Harrison street because climbing the hill from 66th to 80th would have been too much for my already weak legs. I opted instead to exit in Ralston on Q street and that area of town was a mess of people and cars everywhere for some big fireworks display. It was rough getting back to my place, but by 11PM, I had finally made it. Another 4th over. Now I am ready for what is next.

Feeling Satisfied,
~Miss SugarCookie

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