2017-07-12 PNW Day 2 (Part 2): Less is More

Today seems like it was a very full day, but we did not really do much. We woke up, had breakfast, packed up and drove west to the coast.

Once we hit the 101 it was time to do a little bit of sightseeing. We drove north on the highway to Oswald State Park. We parked in a roadside parking lot and hiked a very short distance through some woods to a beachy cove.

Earlier in the day I had packed us a picnic lunch but when we arrived, nobody was hungry. They were, however, in great need of some frolicking in the ocean. We were dressed for colder weather but that did not stop them from running straight into the water. At one point, I am pretty sure I saw my son about waste deep.

When left to their own imaginations, they are very good at making up games and things to do. I think they spent a good half an hour running a big floating board back and forth, throwing it as far as they could and then letting the waves wash it back up on the sand. They mounded up wet sand and dug pits in it. Every once in a while they briefly ran back to where I was sitting (on a log on dry sand), and then realizing how boring that was, ran back out again. By the time they did get hungry they were both soaking and covered in sand.

I fixed us sandwiches and we sat and talked for a bit. After that, all three of us proceeded to do a little rock hunting. That little bit comes from me and my propensity for collecting rocks. I’ve learned my lesson in the past that too big or too many does not travel well, so I look for small ones and limit myself to only the best. I have to subscribe to the notion that less is more in this case as I will have to carry whatever I collect for another 6 days.

In the end, we all had a pocket full and once again packed up our things to travel to our next destination. By this time, check-in at the motel would be open. There were no rooms left in Manzanita so I ended up booking in Rockaway. How appropriate.

We really only traveled a couple of hours today and pretty much spent the entire time just messing around. I think that’s OK though, because like collecting rocks, on some vacation days, less is also more. 🙂

Easy Does It,
~Miss SugarCookie

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