2017-07-16 PNW Day 6 (Part Two): Seattle Scenery

We pretty much stuck to downtown today. The car was parked at a lot about a block from the hotel and we spend the whole day on foot. it is not cheap to park here for any amount of time, even on the weekend but in my opinion still worth not having to hassle with returning the rental car and picking a new one up when we leave.

We started our day walking toward Princess KK’s place with a quick stop at Top Pot Doughnuts to pick up half a dozen. We then arrived at her apartment which is on the 38th floor!! She has a view of the Sound and the Space Needle right out her window. It’s pretty amazing.

From there we walked down to the pier and there was just such a mass of people I had a little bit of anxiety about going to Pike’s place market. So we did not venture down that far and took some different roads to get down to the pier that had the Great Wheel. We walked down the most disgusting alley that was covered with gum on either side. I can’t believe that is a thing but there were a ton of people taking pictures and selfies by it.

We bought tickets and rode the Great Wheel which was really cool and gave us a fabulous set of views of the city, pier, and the water. It was even a clear enough day we could see Mount Rainier. It looked like it was rising right up out of the clouds.

After that we rode the “Wings over Washington” ride which I thought was also really cool. Perhaps better then the ferris wheel but it didn’t last long enough. It was very much like those rides you sit in at Universal that move and have screens around to make you feel like you are on a wild ride. This one even had sprays of mist as you went by waterfalls and scent of pine trees as you soared through the forest. That was pretty cool.

Once we finished there I was really not feeling like going to battle the crowd at the market and so we opted to walk back up into downtown and find lunch. Then the kids and I made our way back to the hotel to pick up a few things and then walked back to Karla’s to watch the premier of GOT with her (just us, not the kids). When it was over, I felt so wiped out I just wanted to go back to the hotel and relax. There is more that we want to do and see here, but I think it will be less crowded on Monday. C wants to go up the Space Needle so we will definitely have to do that tomorrow before we leave Seattle.

We have to pick and choose carefully now because we only have about a day and a half left to do and try things here or in Portland, which is where we fly out on Tuesday afternoon. I will say that today was another really good day, getting to do so much walking and spending almost the entire day with Karla, but in many ways, I am really worn out from the travel this week and ready to go home.

Hopefully I’ll get some good sleep tonight and will be refreshed and ready for whatever is next.

Sweet Dreams,
~Miss SugarCookie

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