2017-10-26 History Repeats – Part 2

My job interview today went well. I’m pretty sure my reputation precedes me on this one and that probably cuts the conversation in half.

The people I spoke with were the president of the company and the current product developer/owner/leader. Really cool people who seem to have great vision about the company and where things are headed. Their expectations are high. Of course they want someone to come in and hit the ground running and just be able to do every aspect of the position. I’ve no doubts that I could do close to that.

Some things are completely in my wheelhouse and I’d knock those out of the park. Others are very new to me and there would be a learning curve. I tried to present myself in such a way so as to recognize those things but leave the impression that it would not be a problem.

In some ways I consider myself a master of “fake it till you make it”. But I often sell my abilities short. The part I’m faking is not my intelligence or knowledge or experience. It’s the People skills. However I think I’m better at that than I give myself credit for.
If I’m the SME in the room, I don’t have a problem running off at the mouth about things. This would be very different. I’m not the SME. I’m green. I’d have a lot to learn quickly to be comfortable enough in my knowledge to offer direction and push for changes. That is part of what they are going to expect from me.

Despite my lack of comfort with my people skills, I seem to do OK. I somehow leave People with a great impression. I attribute this to my ability to listen, analyze, and repeat back. I remember my first real assignment at my last gig. I was meeting the customer face to face and I was on a fact finding mission.

I swear all I did was listen, take good notes, repeat back my understanding, and then document what I learned. They thought I was a damn genius. I know this because the people I was working with had long time ties back to the CTO of my new company and they told him as much. That was a good day.

That process comes naturally to me. It’s the impromptu/unknown I struggle with but, again, I’m my own worst critic. I guess we will see if they liked what they heard and saw from me. I was told they want to make a decision soon.. as early as next week (of course!). They know I’ll be leaving for vacation Sunday which leaves very little time for second interviews or meetings with the team (which I specifically requested). There needs to be a two way street about expectations.

The other side of that employee/employer fit equation is if their company is right for me. Is the position right for me? Can I get behind the vision and get excited about the project and product. Is their culture nourishing and will they have opportunity for growth? So far what I’ve seen and heard is very positive but my exposure has been limited.
The other elephant in the room is my MFA.

This job sounds like a complete full time + position. Would I be able to do both? I previously thought no. I also wanted to take my career in a direction to use my writing skills more, and this would be slightly more, but probably not as much as I would like. Am I willing to abandon the writing front for this opportunity which comes with a pay check? I don’t know.

Also.. am I ready to go back to work? Hell No.. Haha.. I’d still rather never work again. 10 or 15 or 20 more years to retirement seems so far away. /deep sigh
My life feels like the weekly cliffhanger of a half hour dramedy. When, oh when, and how will this season end?

Stay Tuned,

~Miss SugarCookie

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