2017-11-08 Back to My Reality

We are now returning you to your regularly scheduled programming. We hope you have enjoyed the brief, albeit exciting (for us), change in scenery for the past 8 days. Be on the lookout for more diverse sites, sounds, and feels from our traveling corespondent, Miss SugarCookie, soon.


Today was all about easing my kids and myself back to normal life. It was more abrupt for them because when the alarm went off at 6:45 AM, I got their asses up, made them breakfast, and drove them to school. I considered going back to bed after that, but really also wanted my normal routine back.

Right now that means cardio at the gym and doing some daily writing. I’ve really gotten used to doing whatever I want, whenever I want and if I have had the choice I would never work a normal job again. I think that’s the reason I’ve been resisting looking for one. However, I can’t keep living this lifestyle of vacations and road trips and retail therapy for much longer without income.

I finally got an email back from that hospital clinical analyst position I applied for letting me know they had gone with another candidate. When I read that I just could not help but smile. I knew that would not be good for me. If there is anything I’m certain of, it’s that I don’t want to work in medical software anymore.

If they met all of my criteria for a dream job, then I would consider it, but I know I’m not going to find that at a hospital. If my last employer came to me offering contract work, I would totally jump at that. But I’m fairly certain that’s not happening either. I need something different and interesting and dare I even say challenging. I want to contribute and also learn. I want to work with smart, cool people and I need to be in a position where I’m not being micro managed and have the autonomy to make decisions. Above all, of course, the culture can’t suck!

I’m expecting a call from that company I had an interview with before I went to Hawaii. It will probably come in tomorrow or Friday. She said she would call to schedule some follow up discussion once I was back. That one seems promising, but I still need to be able to evaluate the total picture which I was not able to do with my first meeting.

If that gig doesn’t pan out, I’m really going to start looking. I truly have not done that yet. The things I’ve found so far have been the result of just talking to people and connecting the dots to open opportunities. I haven’t been on any career or job posting sites besides Linked In. I haven’t contacted any of the people I’ve worked for or with in the past besides folks at my previous job. I haven’t even contacted my friend Rebecca about the possibility of being a copywriter. If there’s something that appeals to me the most, that’s it. I think I should do that before this week is over.

I’ve got a start on my to-do list, which I completely abandoned while I was away. I need to add to it and prioritize. I also need to start putting the “job” things higher on the list.

Right now, though, I need to get some more steps and do some yoga. Like I said, back to my “reality”.

Peace and Love,
~Miss SugarCookie

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