2017-12-04 Part-Time Problems

Monday morning again and my head is full of things I want to put on the to-do list this week. The challenge? Making the job search a priority.

Sadly, the issues I had this past with my HVAC, iPhone, and laptop ended up being welcome distractions from what should be my main goal. Despite that though, I now have two rockstar resumes that focus on specific jobs and am ready to start applying.

I had previously considered taking a part time job just to earn some quick cash to ease the Christmas strain. I’m sure that when the Baby Jesus arrived he never intended for his birthday to cause People monitary stress and depression (not that I’m depressed but The holidays cause lots of people to feel both stress and depression).

Also.. as a benevolent, omnipresent being, I’m pretty sure He never intended people to wage wars or die “in His good name” (Lily Allen said it best with her song “Him”). I digress.

This past weekend I not only put in an application at my gym but also attended an informative session about becoming a Jazzercise instructor. The problem with both of these is that they do not and will not pay enough to meet my minimum (which I knew already). They would merely be supplemental to some other gig. Still there would be value in both.

For the gym, it would be interaction with like minded adults, which I don’t have enough of but also that it would be super convenient to pick up some shifts since the gym is 5 blocks from my house and I’m there every other day anyway.

For Jazzercise it would also be the camaraderie but also a financial win. I would be getting paid for working out instead of paying. Jazzercise is 60 bucks a month and in evaluating my spending I will admit that is one of the next things to get cut. I do love my Jazzercise but in the grand scheme of things, I should be able to do all the working out I need at home and the gym.

My gym membership is a mere $82 annually. That’s less than 7 bucks a month. Over 10 years ago I bought into a lifetime membership which locked that price in.. indefinitely. Last year my gym got bought out by another company and they are still honoring that contract. It’s AMAZING.

Anyway, I would be willing to let the Jazzercise go in order to not have to pay their membership fee, but a much better option would be for them to pay me instead. Right?

The catch is that the certification process costs about 1800 bucks. It would be an investment in the future for sure but the timing is poor. Pretty soon now I’ll be working again AND have 30 hours a week dedicated to the MFA coursework. I’m not going to have any free time to participate in the process.

Perhaps when I’m on a solid track with an established routine, I can revisit the “part time” scene. Until then, it’s time to push that job search stuff to the top of the list.

Time to hit it and git it!

~Miss SugarCookie

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