2017-12-24 Merry Christmas Eve – Unix Style

All I want for Christmas is a nap. If I can get through the day.. I’ll get my wish.

I didn’t end up sleeping at all yesterday despite waking up at 4am. As if that wasn’t bad enough.. I didn’t get to sleep until after 12:30 AM! As I drifted off to sleep I was just thankful I had no reason to be up or get up today. However, my favorite frenemy, my cerebral CPU, had other plans.

She woke me at 3:30 and then started several multi-threaded processes to work. It’s like I’ve got some fucked up cron job scheduled to kick off at 4am. Quick.. somebody get me root access or chmod 777 that file for me!

I’ll vi, dd, and :wq bang that shit like nobody’s business. Seriously.

Ok, enough geek speak. I’ve got ham and roast to prep for dinner and a house that still needs vacuumed. I’m actually literally avoiding my to-do list. I’ll just see stuff not done yet and at this point, if it’s not done it’s not important.

Wheels are in motion. Time to let the system take control and do it’s thing. Hopefully, A nap will be my reward.

Redirecting std out to Christmas Day,

~Miss SugarCookie

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