2017-12-25 It’s Christmas, Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out

The party is over and Christmas morning has come and gone. Every gift that was given has been received and unwrapped. The house is kind of a mess but for the first time in days I’m able to not care about it.

The kids have left and gone to their dad’s house and all is quiet here. I’m alone and I’m torn between being peaceful and melancholy. I’ve got a few things on the computer to take care of, like officially enrolling in school (yay for more hoops to jump), and perhaps start the next AWS course, but after that, the rest of the day is mine to do what I please.

Last year on Christmas I was not feeling like going to my Dad and his wife’s festivities, and this year that was pretty much cancelled because they moved this past year and their new place is not really much for hosting big groups of people. It’s fine by me, I’d rather eat dinner at the Dragon Cafe anyway. Which is what I did last year instead of being with that crew.

I think I’ll do Dragon again this year because 1.) It’s open and 2.) I don’t want to cook. and 3.) Tradition

It’s not really a tradition. Miss Z says you have to do something 3 times before it becomes a tradition. In that case, I guess if I go today I’m 2/3rds the way through starting a tradition. The question is, who do I go with?

Last year I went with Josh, but he’s in Austin right now.
I mentioned it to Brian and he sounded interested, but we’ll see how his interests hold once they do Christmas at his house with his girlfriend, Jessie, and her kids. I’m giving that a 33% chance of actually sticking once they have a chance to discuss it. I don’t want to go with Simon and his daughter. I invited them to the party last night and that’s where we exchanged gifts. I’m feeling less interested in keeping that going all the time, and don’t really want to spend any part of my Christmas day (past mentioning it here), thinking about it. I would rather go alone.

I also thought about Lance and seeing if he is in town and wants to do dinner.

Right now though I should get to jumping those hoops and then treat myself to a nice hot, candle-lit bath with a lovely cup of hot tea (or perhaps a glass of wine – because I can). I’m a little sad it’s too cold to walk outside and the gym is probably closed so I won’t even be getting my steps today. After all that, I’ll figure out how to re-enact my favorite scene from “A Christmas Story” (which is a movie I actually really can’t stand).

Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra, 🥗⭐🎄🐉
~Miss SugarCookie

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