2018-01-16 The Need for More

It’s cloudy an 0 degrees outside right now. Yet here I am at the gym again. It’s a random Tuesday morning in January and I’m trying to find motivation to do anything. I swear that medicine I took for my migraine two nights ago is still lingering in my system. I had a tough time getting out of bed today.

9+ hours of sleep though. I’ll take that fo sho.

It might be the cold, but the population at the gym is looking quite thin this morning. Si far no sign of the man in black. And I haven’t seen bird-girl since that one day last week. Maybe I was wrong about her and she was a one and done.

I, once again, don’t have a lot of work to do. In fact, I’ve got none. I had a meeting with the team lead late Friday and was so anxious to get to those assignments to get some hours in the books that it was all done by the time I went to bed that night. I only had enough for one hour yesterday. That’s got to change cuz I need to get paid!

I remember 6 years ago that same thing happened with the start of my last job. One month in and I was literally falling asleep at my desk. The person responsible for training me had given me a few random things here and there but had a tight rein on all the projects and really did not want to relinquish control. One day, after literally dozing off, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I probably should have talked to my boss first, but that’s not what I did. I walked around the offices and cubicles to the other side of the office where the CEOs office was and requested a quick chat.

I’d always had great working relationships with my executive management teams, and wanted that trend to continue. I told him I had a few small things but was hungry for more. I let him know that I wanted to be responsible for some project or implementation. Then I made a big leap and suggested I could take over Miami. Miami was a huge deal.

Apparently that made a huge impression. After that, the dynamic at work started to shift. I was given one third of that project to ‘own’, and as I knew the weight of each third (not equal), I selected the largest of the three.

Several months later, the senior person on the team moved to a different team and I stepped up. Another person, R, was hired to fill the gap and he was a fantastic addition to the team (“Hi”). We totally kicked ass on that project together and he’s without a doubt the best teammate I’ve ever had.

Anyway, That peoject turned out to be a ton of work over that next year and provided the perfect opportunity for me to show what I was capable of. I need that sort of thing now, but not sure what to ask for.

I’ve already hinted at being QA and help in testing. I’ve asked for more AWS permissions and suggested taking over the “operations” support tasks. This is something that is soon to be transitioned to the client and t I’m supposed to be 3rd tier support only. It’s a Work in progress so there’s nothing there yet to do.

I should be careful what I wish for. I do t want to get too much and then not have enough of a balance with everything else in my life, but at this point I can’t see that happening.

I guess while I wait for things to pick up some, I’ll just continue fine tuning my plan to take over the world. It’s too bad THAT gig won’t pay my bills… yet. 😉

Well, the man in black is here now and running on ‘his’ machine. Thinigs are right with the world again (except that it’s still only 1 degree out). Yikes!

Time to wrap up and get to work.

Gimmie MORE!

~Miss SugarCookie

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