2018-02-10 Finding Inspiration and Motivation

So far today I’m pretty uninspired. I was awake by 6am and did a little gathering of statistics for Work and then got my daughter up for drivers ed this morning.

The class is 5 hours in the classroom today followed by 2 hours behind the wheel with an instructor this afternoon. That’s a full day of responsibility for her, but she wanted it. She didn’t seem to care what she had to do to get that little piece of plastic next month on her birthday. And despite it being so early on a Saturday, when she would normally sleep until 11am, she hasn’t complained or said one negative thing. I’m quite impressed.

I was the opppsite at her age. I was unmotivated to put in effort to do anything that was even halfway an inconvenience to me. I took drivers ed as a class in HS when I was a jr. And didn’t get my license until I was like 17 and a half. I didn’t care.

I didn’t care about working either. I followed in my older brothers footsteps in getting a job at a local buffet when I was 16. I worked there a total of like six weeks and then quit. I discovered pretty quickly that I didn’t want to work until I absolutely had to. That ended up being the summer after my senior year of HS.

I think motivation is so internal and tough to find externally. It has to be more ingrained in your person and less a thing you can just choose to have if you don’t have those feels. Z definitely has the feels.

She wants to get a job right away this summer. She wants to work and make money and alleviate her summer boredom. I’m pretty sure that will stick.

Ok… I just received an inspiration injection shot! There’s a fabulous trio to my left on the treadmills. Yes!!

Ib this order.. 1) The man in black. 2) Dude in a camo muscle shirt and 3) Bird girl! Ahh the return of bird girl. I haven’t seen her for about 2 weeks. I miss her outfits and I’ve only seen two.

Today she’s wearing jeans (yes, running on a treadmill at the gym) and a spaghetti strap tank that’s got so much bling it looks like it belongs in the club getting low-low-low-low. I actually really dig today’s getup. I would wear that… but… umm.. not to the gym.

Her and the man in black have already outlasted camo and now it’s an endurance challenge to see who will outlast who. My gold monopoly Benjamin’s are on my personal favorite.. the man of few words and fewer colors.

I keep smiling at him when we cross paths but he doesn’t seem to even glance in my direction. Such a shame. I also haven’t been close enough to see if he’s wearing a wedding ring. I know I’m ridiculous but guess what “I don’t care.. I love it. I love it!”.

So inspiration can be both generated internally and externally. I’m not sure which one is stronger for me. This morning it seems to be external. I’ll take it!

It’s a short set for me today cuz imma hit a Jazzercise class at 9:30. It will be my first one all week. That work stuff is really cramping my style! I also am coming up on two whole weeks without seriously working on my MFA stuff so I gotta Work on my balancing skills. Soon. Now?

Time to Jazz!

~Miss SugarCookie

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