2018-02-11 Cool Cats and Sunday Stats

Sometimes I have more to say and today was one of those days. This is post #2 today and there might be more if I keep procrastinating other things the way I have been lately. The topics are piling up and my desire to do anything else is waning. Such is the writer’s life. Without further delay, here are the stats for this week:

Sleep.. Exactly 7 Hours average a night. Cool.

Eating.. Those Whole 30 shenanigans ended on Tuesday and since then I’ve slowly been getting back to my normal eating habits. I have sort of stuck with the eggs etc. for breakfast as that’s been the bomb but I have easily slipped back into having sweet treats here or there and the “reset” did NADA for those cravings. By the way, losing weight was not one of my goals but I find it quite noteworthy that I lost a total of ZERO pounds after 30 days of eating this “super good for you” diet. Such crap!

Exercise.. 14,236 average steps per day which is low compared to most recent weeks. This was due to the increased amount of time I had to work and a decline in my attendance at Jazzercise. I expect this to bounce back a little bit this week.

Employment status.. I worked a whopping 35 hours this week. Hey people that’s like almost as much as a real full time job. I’ll be getting serious fat stacks dropped into my bank account the next time I get paid. It’s going to be soooo sweeeeet!

Relationship status.. Single. I did have a very promising first date on Saturday night. It was that Wednesday date that got rescheduled to Thursday and then to Friday and then it finally actually happened on Saturday. We met for Sushi at Blue downtown and it was really nice. He actually looks like his profile picture, and is good looking, and has his shit together. He even paid for dinner. Not to compare apples and oranges, but Simon never took me out or bought me dinner. The few times that we did go out, I paid. In fact, most of the dates I had last year where there was a meal involved I paid for myself. Lame.

Student status.. Full time and once again needing to find my center of gravity to make more progress this week. I think work will slow down again so it’s all going to balance out perfectly. Cool cool.

So far I really don’t have any plans for the week. It’s Valentines day on Wednesday so I will no doubt be cracking open a lovely bottle of red wine to celebrate with my very own private pity party. It’s a tradition!

For the Love of Chocolate,
~Miss SugarCookie

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