2018-03-08 Wandering Thursday Thoughts

Today is going to be action packed.. but first.. gym time.

I took C to school early this AM for a study session to prep for a social studies test. How terrible! I always hated social studies. History, government, anything that was anything about something so 100 years or more ago. Yuk!!

I still feel this way for the most part but here’s something I’m finding quite intriguing. There’s quite a bit of history in my texts for school right now and all of it contributes to different theories about the different eras of literature and poetry and the style of those times. There’s influence from social and economic factors stemming from many events in time and human development. I’m finding all that super interesting. I never thought I would care about what happened during the Renaissance or the outcomes of different conflicts and the long term impacts, but here I am digging in and wanting more. Color me surprised.

Turning away from history and focusing back on today.. There’s a promise of action packed adventure. I’m not going to try and guess if Z will still be sleeping when we get home, but if so it will give me a little time to check in on Work stuff and get ready for the day.

We’re hitting the DMV, then food out somewhere and then shopping this afternoon. She’s really into anime right now and other cult following type shows so we’re hitting Stella’s and Hot topic. She has gift certificates for both. Not sure how long all that will take. Last year we went to a movie but talking about it last night, there’s nothing out right now she wants to see. Me either I guess.

I’ve wanted to see a few of the academy award winning shows from this year but just haven’t had an occasion to and was also holding out to see who the winners were. Now I really want to see The Shape of Water and magically, tonight that’s going to happen.

It’s an official second date. Of all the first dates I’ve gone on, I’ve only ever had three second dates, four if you count Simon who I never really dated. 😂

First was Country, who ghosted me after our second Meetup. Next was Alabama who literally moved a week after we met. The latest was 🤔 “Mr. Media”, who I actually went on three dates with before I was ghosted. It’s a good thing I’m not seriously a crazy person or I would be going ghost hunting to give these douchebags a piece of my mind.

In truth, I did date Simon. We only went “out” on a date like four times and all were initiated and paid for by yours truly. I took him out for sushi at Hiro. I took him to grey plume for his birthday, I took him to the Matchbox 20 concert. The last one was a dinner out some unmemorable place in Dundee for which he had a gift card from referring ME to a financial advisor friend of his.

Of all the things I’m grateful for over those five months, which there were several positive things, meeting that other person is high on the list. The rest of the times we hung out it was either me driving to his house or our kids having a play date. I’m big at defining things and based on my definition, those aren’t really dates.

Tonight is definitely a date. Dinner and a movie.. it’s the classic definition of a date. I have a feeling he’s even going to pay for it. How novel!! We’ve talked on the phone several times now and have had fairly regular text conversation. So far, there’s nothing that would lead me to believe he’s the ghosting type, but I’ve been fooled before.

Like I’ve questioned before.. how hard is it to say “I’m not that into you”. I’m a big girl.. I can take it. Besides, I know a good connection is rare and I have no problem recognizing all the reasons someone might not want to go out again. I’ve been honest and direct after first dates and I guess I’d like to get that in return.

In any case, I’m going to slow my roll on this one and just enjoy the Sushi and a movie that I’ve really wanted to see.

Right now though.. time to go wake up my darling daughter.

Peace Out,

~Miss SugarCookie

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