2018-03-27 “Impromptu Oral Surgery”

Words my co-worker said sounded like the WORST PHRASE ever. But, that’s what I typed several times yesterday to People explaining how my morning went. I went to the dentist with a tooth ache on one side of my mouth and what I would describe as a growing “bubble” on the skin on the inside of my lower lip.

The internet is an amazing tool and I successfully self diagnosed my problem on web-md and the solution recommended there was “leave it alone” as it may go away on its own or see your dentist. It explicitly said not to try any home remedy.

It was a mucocele, caused by obstruction or injury to a saliva duct. It gets blocked and then fluid builds up inside and it forms a bubble on the surface. I’m going to Austin this week and can’t be dealing with shit like that. Plus.. the toothache. Two birds with one stone as they say.

First, the tooth. I suggested it was a popcorn hull stuck in my gums to the dental assistant. She laughed, but I ate the end of a bag of smart pop like 5 days ago and it was full of tiny bits). I offered the same remark to the dentist, whom I might mention is THE BEST. He and his wife are both dentists and they started their own practice together. I’ve been going there for 20+ years.

He looked at X-rays taken last November and then poked and hunted with floss for a few minutes. Finally, he tied a knot in the floss and that extra bump in the string fished out the biggest corn kernel shell ever. Ouch!! It was lodged under the gum between my two back teeth which apparently has a space just the right size for this sort of problem. After that it was a quick move to the next problem, the mucocele.

I was right about what it was and web md was right in that it required professional help to alleviate. Two shots and some cutting and stitches later, I had a mouth full of gauze and it was gone. I’ve had my fair share of dental work in my history but nothing quite like this. I’ve never had stitches in my mouth.

When I was a kid, stuff like this, needles and the sight of blood, would cause me to faint. As an adult, I’m completely over that, but yesterday on the drive home, I felt like I was being put to the test. The fainting is phychological of course, and as I drove the main road home, I started to think about what I’d just been through and could feel my heat rising and the blood draining from my face.

I recognized it as soon as I started to feel it coming on and forced myself to get a grip. It was either that or pull over. I shifted my thoughts to other things and when I was stopped at a light, I started texting people. Literally to help take my mind away from my numb lips, cheek, and gums and the thoughts about that scalpel cutting into my skin.

The last few minutes of my drive included getting texts back and it was a nice distraction. Normally, I would frown on texting and driving, but in this case, it was potentially a life saver. Someday I will have blown that completely out of proportion and tell people the story about the day “Texting while driving saved my life”. 😜

It was really minor, all things considered, but I proceeded to use it as an excuse not to work on anything yesterday. It goes to show that my brain will use any excuse to procrastinate. Gah!!

Consequently, today I really have to hit it. Without the kids today and I was about an hour late getting started with my day so I’m already behind. Work first and then writing. I received a response back from my mentor and now have two more specific topics to concentrate on, so that’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Now for more steps…

~Miss SugarCookie

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