2018-05-22 Gardening and Things

It’s the ole switcharoo this morning cuz I had to work first thing and just now getting to the elliptical. I’m at JS’s house and he has a treadmill and elliptical machine. Let me tell ya, not all machines are created equal. This thing is an ass-kicker!

I’ve just got a ton of work this week and it feels great. I’m also back to learning some new things and it’s awesome.

Yesterday I checked a couple more issues off my May to-do list including getting our season pool passes and planting some summer veg. I still have more to plant but mostly just flowers. I’d like to do a few yellow or orange peppers, one zucchini, and one cucumber. Maybe some herbs too. I guess I have a lot more than I thought.

I’m leaving the west side of my house alone this year for a project I’d like to tackle. It involves moving my stupid shed (again) but this time so I can load in all the rubber mulch that’s on the west side of the house where I originally intended to put the shed. I had to move it to the back of the house cuz the city said it wasn’t following the code. Well it wasn’t following the code when I moved into the house so it was total crap when I was served the notice to move it. It was also late fall/early winter when that notice came in and the deadline to move it was like January 31st. What??

That means I had to wait for a window of decent weather to take everything out of the shed and coordinate help to move it. I might have some good bicep strength for a girl my size, but not shed-moving strength!! Josh was happy to help me (for a small fee – that’s his MO). I wasn’t about to spend hours moving that mulch in the cold so there it stayed. And my shed is just a little leaning because it’s on a slight slope.

It bugs me every time I look at it so I’m gonna fix it. Soon. Last year I planted watermelon in that spot and it just went ape-shit growing everywhere so I could not get to the mulch. This year I put the watermelon in the back of the back yard and it’s got lots of room to go gangbusters there too.

Today is pouring down rain so it’s a good day to sit inside and devise plans of attack for summer projects and vacations. I’ve already told the kids they maxed out on big vacations last year so we may do some little weekend trips this year but that’s it. I still have to figure out timing. I’ve got lots of high hopes for this summer actually so I really need to get on the ball with planning.

But first.. gotta make the $$$ to fund all that awesome!

Time to Plan,

~Miss SugarCookie

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