2018-06-02 Quite Contrary

How does the garden grow?… With lots of digging, weeding, and hard work – that’s how!

The first Saturday in June… and today I had high hopes for getting lots done outside, and indeed that is exactly what I did. For some reason, maybe PMS, maybe too much to do and not enough time, but all day I felt unsatisfied and like I was not accomplishing enough. In the last week or so, I’ve bought a lot of plants. My goal today was to get everything into the ground (or in pots).

Some people spend their money at the casino and that is entertainment for them and they don’t mind going home empty handed. I spend my money at all the garden centers around town buying plants that are going to die in four months. Same difference. It’s entertaining for me to plant them and then I get continued satisfaction the entire summer as they grow and bloom. I don’t care if they die off when the temps dip below 32 degrees.

Usually, planting brings me some satisfaction, but despite being in my happy place all morning (and well into the afternoon), I remained in kind of a bummer of a mood. I got both the front and the back yard mowed and did a bunch of weeding in my back garden. I planted all the veg and flowers I bought. Some in the ground and some in pots. I even planted yet another set of tomato plants, this time using a “Topsy Turvey” I picked up at Goodwill. That’s a thing you grow tomotaos in upside-down. It’s sort of just an experiment to see if it will actually work. I’m going to try it outside this season and if it works, then I know I will be able to use it in the house in the winter. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have fresh tomatoes off the vine in winter. I think the only other thing I need to make that work is a grow light.

Anyway, I worked outside for about 8 hours and opted not to listen to music. Maybe if I had done that, I would have ended up being in a better mood. /shrug

I think it would not have mattered what I got done today. I would still not feel like I did enough. I intended to work for about 3 hours, but that didn’t happen. I wanted to hit my target for the week even if it was a holiday and I took last Monday off.

It’s the end of the day now and writing in the evenings used to be my jam but it isn’t anymore. Sitting here I can hardly keep my eyes open. The kids and I planned to have a fire pit tonight so I need to find an extra umph of energy to participate in that. Honestly, It would not hurt my feelings if they forgot about it and just kept doing their own things. If I got a little more sleep to boost my numbers for the week, that would be great too.

It’s certainly the perfect time/temp for a fire right now. It would be nice to sit back and admire the result of all of today’s efforts. It’s really a toss up at this point, I could sleep or go build a fire. Sleep or fire.. sleep or fire.

Stay tuned, for the exciting conclusion to this, most epic of cliffhangers!

~Miss SugarCookie



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