2018-06-06 Nothing to Read Here

It’s hump day again and my week is rolling along nicely. I’m trying to think of something to write about, but coming up empty. It’s kinda nice that there is Almost Zero drama in my life right now.

It’s ok because any minute, things could change and even if it doesn’t happen in the next minute or hour or day, it will in about 1 week. That’s when my two week tour of the US will begin. Well, not exactly a tour but coast to coast for sure. Nashville and San Fran and a third destination in between which has not been revealed to me yet. How bad-ass is that?

I’ll be gone for almost 2 weeks straight and flying in and out of my home airport twice. Both times with only about a day in between to change out my luggage and hug my kids and stuff. By the third trip, San Fran, I’ll probably be so over travel and airports and really not be missing my bed and my own home cooked meals. I have high hopes of a few stellar blog posts about my destinations and also some reviews of delish cheeseburgers which I haven’t done in a while. Not that I haven’t had any, I just have forgotten to write about those experiences.

All that starts in about 1 week. Until all of that hits I’m just going to enjoy the calm waters of my new-ish regular routine…

Wake up, work out, Work, Work, eat, Work, eat, enjoy evenings with my favorite people, and sleep. It’s a good life.

My goodness.. even the music in my ears is uninspiring. What’s a girl to do? Not fight it.. that’s what.

Laterz Gatorz,

~Miss SugarCookie


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