2018-06-10 Mind the Gaps (or Don’t)

The first half of this week I totally kicked ass at getting things done and sticking to my master plan. This second half.. maybe not as much. I probably could have predicted that. One area that has suffered is my gym time and consequently my blogging so there are gaps. I can’t be too concerned about those gaps because it was not my area of focus for the week and I have to learn to “let it go”.

My areas of focus for the week were diet and getting things crossed of my monthly to-do list. Revisiting what I wrote on Monday for these goals, I’m actually not doing that bad. I got 5 out of 5 done ✅ on the to-do list I set for myself and last time I checked, that was 💯 percent! The other area -diet- wasn’t as stellar. 3 of 5. 60% is a D grade. 😕

What I failed at was having no added sugar and the whole nightly fasting thing. No surprise there. Sugar is my best frenemy. Here’s the bright side.. I get another opportunity next week to try again AND hitting success with 3 isn’t nothing. I should celebrate my success staying gluten free and drinking alll that water. The minimizing dairy is no biggie because I basically do that already. I probably only had the equivalent of six slices of cheese all week. I think that’s one area I could cut completely and not be too torn up about it. The sugar thing, however, is no joke.

So for my Sunday stats that’s probably enough about diet already. Here’s the best of the rest…

Sleep: 7 hours and 37 minutes average sleep a night. Yowza.. that’s amazing. Better than last week and I wasn’t even trying. I also slept through a few bad-ass storms apparently which means my sleep was also better quality. Now that I have this fancy new Fitbit that does heart rate, I get more detailed reports. That’s cool. For averages it still only calculates weekly overall sleep but now I can see 30 day and whole year averages for time spent awake, in REM, light, and deep sleep. 😎

My exercise wasn’t in focus and there’s definitely a gap and general decline in this area. 13 K steps a day on average and only 2 Jazzercise classes. I’m still trying to get my moneys worth before my membership is up at the end of June, but it’s tough when it doesn’t reLly fit in my routine anymore. I probably won’t try to kick this up a notch until after all this travel nonsense is over, which will be just about July.

The relationship is still amazing. The kids are great. Work is great too. School is far from my thoughts at this point, and I’m really still just riding this wave of awesome I’ve found myself on.

Now.. if I only had some sushi today, the week would be complete. 🍣 If I don’t close that gap either, it’s still all good. 😊

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie


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