2018-07-30 Waking Up in KC

I do so love a good road trip and KC is just the perfect distance away for me to get my fix AND end up in a city with so much to do. Historically there’s been a wide range of reasons for visiting. Great wolf lodge with the kids, worlds of fun and oceans of fun, first with my parents and friends when I was young and now with my own kids as they have gotten older. I’ve had road trips with friends staying at the Plaza and Power and Light, and then multiple trips to the Cerner campus and downtown for CHC. In my life I’ve probably traveled here no less than 20 times, always a good time.

Somehow I feel like this trip will be one of the last times with the kids going to Worlds and Oceans. Well, C hates rollercoastes anyway, so when Z and I went yesterday he stayed back at the hotel. The park gets smaller and smaller each time I go. When I was young it feels like it took literally all day to make the loop around and hit all the rides. Yesterday Z and I did it in just a couple of hours.

One of the reasons for that is because we no longer ride all the rides. My stomach can’t take anything with spinning anymore and the boomerang used to be her favorite but now hurts her neck. Between the two of us, we skipped every other ride. Well, we still rode the boomerang, but just once instead of like 4 times. At the end we both agreed that the Mamba was our new favorite (it was the only thing we went on twice).

Actually I think her favorite thing was hitting up the “guessing” game, where you pay five bucks and they guess your weight or age or bday month. She loves to have them guess her age to see how off they end up. It’s a welcome change to a few years ago when she would seriously blow a gasket if a server at a restaurant tried to give her a kiddie cup. Now she’s just tickled to have the poor kid guessing her age to be 5 years off.

When he said she was 11 she was just beaming. I nudged her said, maybe you should show him your drivers license. 😂 He said he felt bad, high-fived her, and then she grabbed some crap stuffed panda that probably costs about 25 cents. It was a win-win-win. I’d love to see what he might guess for me, but I like my 5 bucks more.

Today, despite the now seasonably cool temps, we’re going to Oceans. The kids can enjoy the water slides, we can hit up the wave pool, and lazy river, and then perhaps just relax through the afternoon. The only thing I have to do today besides that and get back on the road to make it home is a team meeting at 6PM. I could even take that in the car if I have to.

At the moment I’m trying to digest the free hotel breakfast by walking on the exercise room treadmill. The kids are at the hotel pool, cuz .. you can never have too much swimming, apparently. It’s still kind of too chilly for outside swimming so we’re waiting a little bit to get going. It’s fine by me.. getting some extra steps is always the bonus plan.

I should probably go check on Work stuff before we have to check out of the hotel and lose the “free” WiFi. Maybe we’ll drive around the area a bit too and see what else we can see in this cool city.

Check ya Later,

~Miss SugarCookie

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