2018-08-06 No Time to Waste

It’s Monday again and I’ve got lots of awesome in queue this week. It looks to be busy with a full assortment of work, school, appointments for the kids and kitten, and meet-ups.

The work week is front loaded with tasks that are time sensitive and I’m hoping to get most of my hours in before Wednesday or Thursday which will leave the back half of the week open to make serious progress on my first school packet. We’ll see how that works out.

Today Z has a dentist appointment with our Family dentist who I’ve been going to see for like 25 years. They are not in our new PPO health plan and I took her to a new dentist about a month ago. That dentist basically told us she had like 12 cavities that needed to be filled. I find it incredibly hard to believe that in just 12-18 months time her teeth would have taken such a turn. They were in good shape just that short time ago. We’re getting this second opinion cold today. Call me paranoid, but I think that’s the best way to validate the first dentist’s findings. True she has taken to drinking more soda lately, but could that cause such decline so quick. We’ll see.

I’m also transitioning back home today from spending another great weekend with my sweetie. That means packing up all my stuff including my kitten and driving back home where I haven’t been for three days. I’ve gotten really efficient at the process. The only complication that remains is the fact that Kayla can sense something is up when I start loading the car and she goes into run-away-and-hide mode. She’s fine once I get her harness on, but catching her has become a challenge. 🐱💗

Anyway, that all translates to a late start of my day’s activities. It’s 10 am and I’m still on the treadmill at the gym. I tried to do elliptical for the first time since last Thursday and my body wasn’t having it. I’m still sore from a minor medical procedure I had last week. Damn.. that’s another thing I’ve wanted to write about but haven’t yet because I was too busy enjoying my amazing weekend doing nothing special with my special someone.

For real though. We go on errands, watch shows, hang out around the house talking, do chores together, visit family and friends, workout, and it just feels like normal life. He understands I have to put hours in for work and school and is super supportive. I work and he gets stuff done around the house. It feels very much like this is what life should be like. Every instinct I have is telling me this is it. This really is it. And for the love of the Universe and every sub-atomic particle in it, it’s about time!

And time is key. In my life I’ve wasted a lot of time and now I’m saying “no more”. If I only get one shot at this.. I’m gonna make the most of it. Right now that means it’s time to get off this treadmill and kick this Monday’s ass.

Let’s Jam,

~Miss SugarCookie

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