2018-08-15 OMG It’s August

I know, I know.. it’s been August now for more than two weeks but it’s going by so fast. I’m not prepared for the end of summer, I’m not prepared for both my kids attending high school, and I’m certainly not prepared for the other things coming up in the next two weeks. It’s gonna be extremely busy and I have no idea how I’m gonna manage it all.

Dropping my Z and C off at school today was uneventful. I had a nice reminder from Z about just how much she is NOT a morning person. Still, she posed for pictures like a champ because looking great in pics is her thing. My son had his usual “I’m only going to smile for 10 seconds so hurry up” face on. They both looked great.

The starting of school doesn’t really change my morning routine much. The difference is that the kids will be at school during the 8 o’clock hour instead of sleeping while I’m at the gym. I still get up around 7. I still spend the first minutes my day in the kitchen doing my morning routine rituals, which now include breakfast with C. I still make it to the gym by 8, just after dropping them off.

My goal is to always make it back home by 9:30ish to start work. Yesterday I put in about 12 hours of work. Yeah, that’s right.. 12!! 😱 And there’s lots more in queue for today. I think they are trying to really push me to full time. They know by now what I’m capable of and the fact that I’m not gonna let a deadline slip and I’m not going to let the team down. I have to be very careful and not say “yes” to too much, and I’ve backed off volunteering for things.

Yesterday I was invited to a call for a new project I didn’t know anything about. I thought it was a mistake. Then I got on the call and saw the agenda.. first up on the list was an introduction of me to the team in which my boss announced that I was going to be the PM. Hahaha! That’s funny shit. And then there were 5 (projects that I’m actively doing work for).

I was having a private IM chat with one of my co-workers whom was also a co-worker at my last job. He’s how I actually found out about this company. He’s also the one who recently made the jump from just being a contractor to working full time for the company. Anyway, we were both commenting on how many meetings we are now in. I said “just like the good ole days”. In jest of course because meetings are sometimes the most irritating part of the day. Especially if they are unproductive or don’t have a purpose. We both hated the daily morning meeting at the last place. It was a huge waste of Time.

We have the same “morning” meeting at this new gig but it’s way better because it’s only 15 minutes 3 days a week and it’s compartmentalized to teams and not the whole freaking company. They are consequently valuable and productive. Hooray!

How did I get to talking about Work?! My goodness. Ain’t nobody got time for that!! 😂

What I really want to talk about is poetry. How is it that it is ALWAYS playing second fiddle to work. It’s now 8 days until my first packet for school is due and I gotta get on that train or it’s gonna roll right over me. 🚂 😱 My creative sample is done, but oh those critical essays. I haven’t even started. Yowza! Time to Change My Tunes before another August week slips away!

Spin Down and Spin Up,

~Miss SugarCookie

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