2018-08-28 Triple 8s

The same number at the end of the month/day/year. That doesn’t happen every day! Three times this year actually. I guess it’s ok then that my day has totally already gone sideways.

I’m about 1.5 hours behind schedule due to a cat that didn’t cooperate and also my kids calling at 8:45 from their dads house that their alarm clocks not going off. Whoops. That means I dropped everything to drive to his house and take them to school. I don’t know if he’s home and sleeping or working or out of town. It doesn’t matter, this can’t become a regular thing.

On top of that overnight my peeps in Cali are busy dreaming up more work for me. It’s all necessary work but it’s coming to me cuz they are also currently maxed out. That’s why we need to hire more people. We already have an open spot for a full time dev, but hiring that person will not provide any relief for the tasks I’m responsible for. That’s all PM, documentation, requirements development, QA (and whatever else they think I’m capable of handling). I’m keeping my mouth shut about my qualifications to modify code and write SQL, that would end badly for me.

I’m already sacrificing time for school, relationships, and parenting. I should have enough time but somehow I don’t. It doesn’t help that my brain is useless after like 7PM. Stupid work. Whatever.

In light of my current time crunch I need to cut and run now. See, I’m sacrificing my steps and cardio too. That’s just crazy talk!! 😜 It’s a good thing that days like this only happen three times a year.

9AM and Already Exhausted,

~Miss SugarCookie


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