2018-09-02 Time for Something New

It’s 8:15 AM on a random Sunday and I’m doing that typical morning routine thing I do. I don’t particularly have anything to write about. I mean, nobody is going to care that I had to switch elliptical machines cuz the one I usually use now has a rough bump in the forward motion on one side. That’s no news.

I’ve ranted twice this week already about things that were irritating me and though I never promised anyone that this would be upbeat and positive, I also don’t want it to spiral into a daily negative, “here’s what’s irritating me today”, thing.

I’ve thought a little bit about this and I think I’m ready to try something new. Ine thing I’ve done in the past is sort of reserve Sunday’s for recording stats. It’s been a way for me to pulse check where I’m at with my goals. If I notice something going in the wrong direction, I can take action to course correct. It’s served me well. I intend to keep doing that but am also thinking I’m going to also commit to another weekly post dedicated to a topic, something that’s not all about me. I mean, let’s face it, my furnace going out, or what music I’m listening to isn’t really that interesting either. Not that being interesting is what I’m aiming at. It’s never been my goal.

My goal has always been to use this space to record my life and times in my struggle to become a healthier, happier human being. The Universe knows that’s been a glorious success, and also that it’s not a status that one can maintain without a fair amount of nurturing. It’s time to add on. I need to press myself a little harder in regards to my writing life and that means including a little more informed, hopefully helpful content on a regular basis.

Believe me, this idea is only half baked and as I type this I’m having lots of thoughts of what it could be. It could be a thing where once a week I take some current event and research a little bit and formulate an opinion on it. Or it could be something immensely more satisfying for me like doing a more regular review of an album or book or movie or restaurant. Those are all things I’ve done before, just not very regularly.

I might even try to double dip and somehow use content for my critical essays for school. We’ll see.

Whatever it is, I think I’ll try to start this week and make the frequency once a week. I already have a few ideas about potential posts. It will require a little more time, especially if there’s research involved. Obviously I won’t be able to do everything needed from an elliptical machine.

It’s also definitely an add-on. I’m not gonna stop recording my Sunday stats cuz that’s still a necessary step in my week. And on that note, without further ado, here’s the update for today…

Exercise.. 11,444 average steps in the past week. I might back my goal up to 10k a day cuz 15k seems unobtainable lately. I at least want my goals to be realistic. In an effort for more balance and to not be in a rut, I’m gonna start doing classes at the gym, like yoga and Zumba. Neither of these will yield as many steps at an hour on the elliptical but step count means nothing if I’m not working on strength, coordination, and balance.

Sleep.. 6 hours and 37 minutes average per night. Not as great as it has been, but not terrible either. I had one night that was 3 hours and 40 minutes and that really skews the numbers. My goal is still 7 hours a night.

Healthy eating.. Still just trying the portion control thing and not restricting myself in any way. I’ve also not been able to kick the caffeine but whatever.

Work.. Last week I pulled in 34 hours, Sunday to Friday and didn’t work at all yesterday. That means I had several days with 8 full hours. Feels so much like full time, yet there’s still strain on my bank account because my expenses seem to have gone up considerably.

School.. I’m still trying to get by doing this “part time”. I’ve established a bad pattern of behavior where I ignore it for two weeks and then freak out trying to get a months worth of work in the other two weeks. I don’t know if I should just accept the reality of this or continue to fret over trying to change it. /shrug

Relationship status.. Tomorrow will be our six month anniversary. ❤️😊🌹 That pretty incredible. I have a high level of confidence in the future. More on that later this week.

What else? Feels like I’m forgetting something but I think that’s it. The time is now 10AM and it’s time to get a move on with this Sunday (I did take a break in the middle of writing to do a 1 hour yoga class). I’m sure when I get home my kids will stilll be sleeping. 😜

Living the Dream,

~Miss SugarCookie

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