2018-09-12 The Day that Time Forgot

I thought Monday was a long day until Tuesday happened. Tuesday felt kinda like that day you finally feel like you are really on vacation and trying too hard to do all the right vacation-y things. It was a stormy day here in Cancun and so there was no beach going or frolicking in the ocean. Less time outside meant spending more inside which meant more eating and drinking. That was followed by more eating and drinking which turned into more eating and drinking. Can you say over-indulgence?

We did go to the spa in between breakfast and lunch and had a nice time sitting in the sauna and getting pampered. It was so relaxing and perfect. It made the thoughts I had on Monday seem like a distant memory, which was good because my catch up session with my friends felt less like celebrating my exciting news and more like a serious discussion about why I had not told my ex-husband yet. Ugh!

We all had too much to drink and I basically got up during the middle of our main course to go back to the room and get my phone. It kinda felt like the only way I was going to be able to change the conversation was to text him right then and there. Which I did. Thank the Universe for iMessage.

I also emailed my daughter and let her know I told her dad because that’s what made me feel so guilty. Like I was making my kids keep some secret. That’s something I hadn’t really considered, but I guess it might have been making them feel uncomfortable. I would hope, however, that if that was the case Z would tell me. From the eyes of other people on the outside looking in it apparently looked as though I was putting them in a predicament, but I didn’t see it.

Anyway, so I felt kind of rotten after our first dinner and after such a long day of travel I just wanted to call it a night (which we all did). Yesterday the mood was completely different, thank goodness. We had a long relaxing morning followed by more of the same in the afternoon.

Late in the afternoon the rain stopped and we sat in the hot tub out by the pool for a good long stretch. Amazing that we’re in Mexico and it’s not hot. I’ve been a few times before and it’s never been rainy and overcast with high temps that don’t even get in the 90s. Maybe it’s a different season, but I just don’t feel like I’m in Cancun. It’s also strange that this place is not very busy. Last time we were here there were tons of other people. This time it feels like we have this place all to ourselves. Again, is it the season or something else? 🤔

Like I said, the day was mostly sitting around and talking and that meant lots of drinking too. I started with mimosas with breakfast and then more at lunch (minus the orange juice) and then drinks and shots in the hot tub (that also wasn’t hot) and then wine at dinner. I basically spent the whole day buzzed and so there was not one thing or another that tipped me over the edge, it was just a collective effect that led to another relatively early night back in the room.

By then, I think I was pretty drunk, and barely remember texting Jim. I spent time in the bathroom, and time stood still. I tried to take a shower and all I remember was that the water never got hot. Again, what’s with the not hot? I apparently proceeded to fall into a deep sleep and woke up at 6am as if from a long-luke-warm dream. And.. I didn’t have a hangover. Did I just make all that up? Well, it is Wednesday so Tuesday must have happened. Where did all that time go?

So much for a long, disjointed, random collection of thoughts. Now Wednesday is already half over too. Hmmmm.

Blaming the Mimosas,

~Miss SugarCookie


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