2018-09-30 Sunday Status Last Chance

It’s the last day of September and my last chance to squeeze in a Sunday Status. And oh what a week/month I’ve had. For a new twist on an old idea, I thought I might look at stats for the week and month, just to see if I’m trending in the right direction.

Sleep.. Probably a no-brainer as my sleep this past week at Jim’s has been consistent and great. 7 hours and 34 minutes a night on average, start across the board, exceeding my goal of 7 hours. I think 7.5 is the sweet spot. I’d like to keep it right there. This is compared to the 7 hours and 4 minutes I got on average for the entire month of September. Trending up. 👍🏻❤️ ✅

Exercise and steps.. 8,756 average steps this week which is terrible. I’m trending down from the 11K average for the month, 11.8K for 3 months, and 14.1 K for this year this far. This downward trend is evidence I don’t have the kind of time (or motivation) to put in the work. It hasn’t affected my weight much, still living large with that extra 5-10 pounds of happy relationship weight, not able to shed that and also not terribly motivated for that either. That’s probably healthy given my history and challenges with self image and weight. That leads right to the next category, healthy Eating, which is not being tracked by my trusty FitBit.

Food.. This week was a week of indulgences, last week was more of a restricted week. It’s a tide that changes week to week based on where I’m living. If I’m at Jim’s, then I’m more likely to have more nightly glasses of wine and sweet treats. It’s tougher to nail down trending because I have no stats but gut instinct to go on. Weight is a terrible measure because too many variables are involved. It’s affected by monthly cycles, water retention, and stress levels. Healthy Eating becomes a balancing act. Have enough to enjoy life and not so much that it becomes a problem. Why are all the tastiest things bad for you?? (More on this later, but that’s enough for this Sunday Status).

School.. This was more of a focus this week as I was behind the 8 ball with packet 2 and the Mid-term due. Both got sent off this week and I’m feeling OK about it. Not great. There’s a scratch needing itched in the back of my brain about letting the time tick away and procrastinating doing this thing I love until the last minute. That’s a problem that needs solved. I blame Work and am taking steps to correct.

Work.. I only worked 16 hours this week which is only half of what I need. That’s a consequence of both School and being at Jim’s house. In theory, I could work the entire time he’s at work but somehow all sorts of things besides school kept me from doing that. 🤷‍♀️

I told my boss this week I need to reduce my hours. It was an OK conversation. Not great.

Relationship.. Engaged and loving it. We had a fabulous week this week. I finally told my dad and brother and a few other folks so last night we decide to post the status change to the much loathed social media giant, FB. 80 people have reacted so far. If nothing else, it’s an effective way to communicate something to all the peripheral people in your life. You know, people you went to high school with and haven’t talked to in 10 years, or your neighbor from three neighborhoods ago. Whatever. 🤷‍♀️

It’s been a great week. I’m looking forward to many more weeks in the future like this one. Many more months in the future like this one. And years, yeah, that would be fantastic. ❤️👍🏻✅

Signing Off for September 2018,

~Miss SugarCookie


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