2018-10-26 Colorado or Bust

That’s what was written on the whiteboard when I arrived at Jim’s house this week. When we woke up this morning at 6:30am it was as if there was more energy about the house that a normal Friday. There was no “normal routine”, no getting ready for work, it was all buzzing with the force of a highly anticipated weekend getaway. We finished packing as we got ready and then headed out the door.

Then we drove.

Then we flew.

Then we walked.

Then we drove some more.

Then we stopped and ate lunch.

Then we went shopping for supplies.

Then we drove some more up into the mountains.

to a place where the normal hum-drum of every day is far away.

And replaced by a different landscape.

It’s been a long day of travel indeed, but we are now being rewarded with a spectacular view. We are sitting in front of a large bay window facing southwest and watching the sun go down behind the mountains. It’s too good to waste and I must get going and enjoy while it lasts. Much more tomorrow on our Colorado adventure.


~Miss SugarCookie


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