2018-10-27 When in Rome

Last night my love and I watched the sun go down past the foothill mountains around us an the valley was drenched in the chill of deep shadows. After today, I was reminded that where we are staying, which is likely at elevation of 7 or 8000 feet, is really just the beginning of the mountains and still not that high up. That’s because we wandered up into Rocky Mountain National Park just past Estes and when you start to see snow, and the snow capped mountains not far off, then you know you are high.

Still, it’s a pretty incredible view from where we are staying. We didn’t really hike at all today and did mostly driving and sightseeing. That’s because we will be going on a hike with my Bro tomorrow and also because I was seriously hung-over this morning and not in the mood even to do a lot of walking. When I say serious, I mean serious. I haven’t had one of those since early in 2017 when I was at my sisters wedding. Heck, I didn’t even get that drunk on that last girls trip to Cancun where we were at an all inclusive. I think I have learned how to enjoy drinking in moderation and am a pretty good judge of what the right cut-off point is. Throw all that out the window if you are high apparently.

I probably briefly went through my history with THC a time in the past, but let me just say that I’ve never felt high, and always assumed it was a thing I would know what it felt like once I felt it. Needless to say, I don’t indulge in that recreational activity and it’s not legal where I’m from anyway. I’ve even gone with Lance once before to a dispensary in Denver and hung out with him through that experience but never partook. I wasn’t really compelled to. I wasn’t really compelled to last night either, but it was just Jim and I all the way up here in our secluded house, socked in for the night and I thought, what the heck. So I did.

Mind you, he and I had talked about it and that was the plan all along, but I wasn’t sure if I would or not. Again, I hated it – the smoking, coughing, burning throat. I’m sure there is an art to it, like everything else, but it’s not something I’m motivated to figure out. I sipped on a bottle of red wine we brought and that seemed to ease the terrible feeling in my throat. I guess I did more than sip though, because I drank nearly the whole bottle. There is literally like only an ounce or two left. I’m a lightweight (and also not used to the difference in oxygen at this elevation) so that one bottle was enough to make me have a terrible night sleep and wake up with a pounding head and a sour stomach.

I absolutely HATE that feeling, and mostly because you know it could have been avoided. I don’t have a lot of time out here to enjoy this getaway so I don’t want to waste a minute being sick, curled up in a bed with the curtains drawn. So stupid. Jim was loving and supportive and in the end it was his suggestion that we get in the car and drive down to at least boulder out of this elevation and also that if I smoked just a little, it would likely make my nausea go away. It did. Thank the Universe too, how miserable.

We only stayed in Boulder for a hot minute for me to get a latte and a bagel. My appetite came back suddenly as we approached the town. For the record, Eggs and Bacon do not help me with my hangovers, the smell of the food chases me into the bathroom every time.

We traveled up to Estes and walked that town for a while and had lunch, and then continued to climb, as I said, into RMNP. Breathtaking views. It’s so humbling to be near the mountains or in the mountains. The vastness of nature and the raw forces at will in the Universe. It’s incredible to think about. I’ve always had a fascination for the mountains. After a bit we decided to turn back because we definitely wanted to make it back to our place well before sunset. The dirt road to get here is treacherous and would be terrifying in the dark – one lane, sheer drop-offs, and some serious washout ruts in a few places.

Tonight the plan is just to relax and I’m not touching any more alcohol. I want to feel fresh and new when we head into Broomfield tomorrow AM to meet up with my brother and his family. I’m sure they are very curious to meet Jim. Hopefully it will be a good day to be outside, doing what the people in Colorado do.

Traveling, unravelling everything —

Leaving no seam left un-sewn,

~Miss SugarCookie

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