2019-02-08 Friday Mini Road-Trip

I’ve been pushing myself this week to get as much done before today so Jim and I can go on a little road trip. He is at work now and I’m doing that cardio thing I do but late morning we are going to cut out of town and head north-west.

Yeah, the temps are below zero, and the Midwest is covered in snow and ice but the winter is too long. Sometimes you just gotta mix things up or risk going stir-crazy with the long winter and monotony of endless cold days. In truth, he would be making this trip with or without me as there is another reason for it. However, we’ve been so focused on the move and just doing all the normal things that are required by life that we really haven’t taken the time to just enjoy each other’s company. We decided this little 3.5 hour round trip in the car is just the perfect little opportunity to catch up.

We’re going to Wayne Nebraska with a quick stop at an antique shop on the way. Antiques aren’t really my thing but everyone has interests and for me it’s just fun to hang out and chat while we look. We certainly don’t need any more stuff and antiques all just look like junk to me. I don’t know how anyone knows what has value and what’s just rubbush! 😜

We both have to be back in time to pick the kids up from school so the timeline is tight. Tonight we will have a full house of teenagers so this break from the kids where it’s just us will be great.

In other news I participated in my new Thursday writing group last night and though my writing didn’t bear fruit I got a few great ideas from folks in the group. I haven’t really put thought into reading or writing objectives for the “semester” since just after residency but I can now envision being able to do that very soon. I’ve had a few ideas brewing for nearly a month and it’s time to decide what’s possible/realistic and what’s not and set some concrete goals.

I lost the whole month of January and that was expected. We are now more than a week into February and unless I commit to something, the time will just keep slipping away. You know the SugarCookie motto — today is a good day to start!! Let’s go!!!

Wheels in Motion,

~Miss SugarCookie

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