2019-02-14 Proving that I am Not a Hypocrite, The Valentines Edition

It does not take much to scroll back through my historic posts to find what my true feelings about Valentines day are. I seem to feel the need to “rant” about it rather than celebrate and so my goal this year is to not repeat grumblings and stating my case for hating this holiday, maintain my position/viewpoint, and also somehow express my gratitude for the love I’ve found without being a complete hypocrite.

My approach with Jim was to make light of it. In the car yesterday I told him that I don’t do gifts and to not expect anything like that and if I did get him something it would be from the Dollar Tree. Haha – because that’s the kind of big spender I am. He replied by saying “I can’t eat chocolate, and I don’t want flowers, and all I expect is a little attention from your lips”. Well, it might not have been that exactly, but I’m trying to keep this PG for all my underage fans out there. 😉

Anyway, so for today’s edition of the SugarCookie Life, I bring you – the five languages of love. Sure, you can google this and find way more information plus a quiz or two to find out what your languages are but this blog is about me, damnit, so the focus will be on my “languages of love”. For a quick reminder (or info for those who might not know) here are the 5 love languages:

1. Words of Affirmation

2. Acts of Service

3. Receiving Gifts

4. Quality Time

5. Physical Touch

I knew I had taken the quiz at some point because I get spam email from the site all the time in my in-box so I didn’t have to look to hard to find it. The very first email from them was “Your Results – Love Language Profile for Singles” dated Saturday January 13, 2018 at 7:45 AM. So I guess I was up early on that Saturday last January with NOTHING better to do. My results were not a surprise… Coming in first was “Acts of Service” and coming in last was “Receiving Gifts”. Before you take the quiz you have to specify if you are in a relationship or not and of course, when I took this, I was single. Now I’m not so I went ahead and took the quiz again as a person “in a relationship”.

This time “Quality Time” came out on top and “Acts of Service” was second. “Receiving gifts” was still last. The whole gift giving thing falls in line with my Valentines day philosophy and so that goes a long way in explaining my distaste for that aspect of this wanna-be holiday. Apparently I don’t think very highly of “Words of Affirmation” either as that was second to last in both sets of results. Go ahead and tell me I am awesome – I will ignore you because I know that already (how vain is that??!!). 😜

Anyway, so as a single person I value Acts of Service and as a partner I value Quality Time. Perhaps the shift is due to actually being in a loving, supportive relationship and discovering what is really important. Or perhaps the quiz is flawed, or even the quiz-taker. I’m only human after all.

Jim and I are celebrating tonight by going out to dinner. He is taking me somewhere, presumably special, but it’s a surprise. I went out to dinner with my sister, L, last night and told her about it and she responded with “I hate surprises”. Yeah, that figures. I actually don’t mind surprises when it comes to good things and since this one is all about “Quality Time” I suppose it is the perfect way for us to celebrate. I’m pretty sure there will be some “Sexy Time” afterward so we have the “Physical Touch” part covered as well (or is that acts of service – hahahahaha!). 😂

Ironically, I did buy Jim a card (yes at the Dollar Tree) and will be filling it full of “Words of Affirmation”, so all the Love languages will be covered. I’d love to see the results from him if he took the quiz – that would certainly be a lovely topic for our special dinner tonight. 😉

That’s it for another “Taking Advantage of Sappy Consumers” Day.

Peace and Love and Chocolate to You All, ☮️ 💕 🍫

~Miss SugarCookie

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