2019-04-06 7AM Spaces

It’s 7AM and I’ve got space in my brain ready to be occupied by greatness. I’m just waiting over here for that good shit to start happening. It’s Saturday so of course I’ve been awake for two hours. If there ever was a day my brain was primed for speed and grace, today is that day.

Tomorrow at this time I will be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Hold up.. but I don’t wanna get ahead of myself. I want to savor this day first. We spend too much time thinking about tomorrow and that’s a damn shame. Thinking too much about yesterday is also a tragedy but sometimes it’s a necessary evil to make the story make sense.

In light of that I will just say that yesterday I decided that it was high time that I start promoting my anonymous blog. That feels a bit ridiculous because why would someone trying to stay anonymous want to throw out more breadcrumbs that lead back to the source? Well, let me tell you, I’ve been broadcasting my life for over two years now as “Miss SugarCookie” and anybody who really wanted to, anyone who really cares, would have found me already. I guess that means I’m confident that that trend will continue even if I start a little self-promoting of my writing.

This “self-promotion” I’m talking about is twitter. It’s just a place to start I guess. Yesterday I created a new twitter account (@SugarCookieLife) and linked my wordpress blog to that account so that when I post it tweets out the link automatically. It will also allow me to tweet more random thoughts from my brain and actually build up a set list of people to follow that are more aligned with the “Writers Life”. Starting fresh is sometimes easier than doing maintenance on version 1.0. #truth

That’s all great but doesn’t really answer the question of “why”. It’s like asking what’s the answer to life and the universe and everything. When I figure that out, ill be sure and tweet that out right away. It sure as hell isnt 42. 😜

I’m a human being so it most assuredly has roots somewhere in a very selfish and self-centerd place. Perhaps I just want to see if I can make more connections and generate some more feels from random stranger who “like” my stuff. Perhaps it goes deeper than that and being on the precipice of the unemployed life is making me think too much about my contribution to society. We all (most of us anyway) want to feel like we add value. What’s the value proposition for my life? Am I worried of losing a piece of that when I’m done working? Naw… that can’t be it.

I digress.

Despite waking at 5AM, im grateful to have this little bit of alone time with my treadmill to mentally prepare for this day. I’m 6.4K steps in and already feeling the spaces in my brain filling up with great ideas. Honestly my most brilliant thoughts come when I’m either lying in my bed at the end of the day, exhausted from life (those are rarely captured), or first thing in the morning when I’m caffeinated and getting my cardio on. Lucky for me I can multitask!!

In a few short hours I’ll be headed for the airport. In an ideal world I’ll be able to sprinkle this next big SugarCookie adventure with a fair bit of writing. Maybe.. just maybe there will be poetry!! That would be so bad-ass. It is national poetry month after all. 💃💃🎉

Ready or not… It’s GO time!!

Two Bites and I’m Gone,

~Miss SugarCookie

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