2019-04-06 Miss SugarCookie – Live from Jersey

We landed at the New Jersey airport about an hour ago and are very like-minded in that we made a bee-line for our departure gate before doing almost anything else. This is by far the most impressive airport I’ve ever been at. I probably look like the biggest nerd-tourist ever taking pictures in the airport. I made a comment to Jim about how fancy everything is and he basically said that it’s because it’s an international terminal and that there is a lot of money flowing through here. Hmmm. I guess that makes sense.

It never ceases to amaze me when I travel how many people there are on our planet. Just endless amounts of unique individuals wandering about, you know, going their own way. I forget sometimes because my circle is small. And just thinking about how this is just one airport of thousands across the globe fulll of people on the move from here to there. It feels like an endless sea of people flowing and crashing in waves into and out of gates.

As overly cautious travelers we scheduled our flights with plenty of time in-between so we had about two hours to explore and eat and talk. We found a nice place to grab a bite (The Vesper Tavern) where I, of course, ordered a cheeseburger. More on that later, if there is time. I mean, I will have time since I’m getting ready to get on a 7 hour flight. However, I brought my Xanax and my plan is to be zonked for the majority of it. I’d love to get some good sleep so I don’t waste the majority of tomorrow being jet-lagged or exhausted. I did wake up at 5 so falling asleep should not be a problem, but sleeping on a plane is not a thing I have ever been able to do. I think “good sleep” is just a nice daydream I am having right now.

One thing this airport does not have is free WiFi, which is just a tradgedy. It means I can’t post anything I’m writing while here. And since I probably will not be back on WiFi until we get to our AirBnb sometime tomorrow everything will be old news by then. Shrug.

Sounds like we are getting ready to board.

One Down, One to Go (the BIG one),

~Miss SugarCookie


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