2019-04-13 Spain Day 6: Tour de Girona

Today we took a bus to the northern Provence of Girona Spain where the capital city is Girona. It has grown in popularity in recent times because parts of season six of Game of Thrones was filmed there. There are many areas which we have visited on this trip that looked like they could have been used in scenes in that show. There were some scenes from Bravos which were done in one part of the town and also some scenes from King’s Landing. Yes, that sounded interesting enough to us to take a tour, so we are among the many who have made that choice. It was an hour bus ride and we were with a group and had an English speaking tour guide.

I think most people on the tour were from the US. We had a walk through the oldest part of town and were shown some specific points of interest and given their history. Like Valencia and Taragona and Barcelona, Girona was started by the Romans, so the city center and original design is similar. After a bit we were cut loose to wander about on our own, and we climbed a lot of stairs to get to a very scenic spot that overlooks part of the city. That was lovely.

Jim took a pic of me sittting on the steps where Aria sat in Bravos as a beggar. There were other silly things about the tour as they continued to make connections to the show. For example, at one point when we all met back in a main square, we were given popsicles from a local gelato shop that were in the shape of Jamie Lanister’s hand. When we would stop at a spot, the tour guide tried to make us guess what scene was shot there and gave out “points” for correct answers.

After having our popsicles, we walked to a restaurant for lunch. As always, lunch takes a while. At this place they sat bottles of water and red wine on the table and so the longer lunch takes, the worse it is for me. I had too much and then getting back on the bus, I was tipsy and sleepy. It was about 20 minutes to our final stop before heading back to Barcelona, which was the ruines of a castle on the top of a hill. Again, great views from so high and I was still feeling the red wine and sat down to look out upon the world and savor the time and space. I composed some brilliant poetry in my head in that moment, but alas, it flew away with the wind as we began our descent.

I slept more on the bus on the way back and woke with a nasty headache. We rested for a while after arriving back at our apartment so I could recover and then wandered out for a bite to eat. We had beer and pizza at a sports bar near our place (no beer for me) and it was good enough. At the start of this trip I would have been taking note of the name of the place and probably taking pictures, but now, I just wanted food and to get back “home”. I think we are both very much over sight-seeing and tours and just ready to go home. We have an early morning tomorrow and a long travel day ahead so we aren’t doing anything wild on our last night. I miss my children and my kittens and am very much looking forward to seeing them all soon.

Until Tomorrow,

~Miss SugarCookie


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