2019-05-20 Love the One You’re With

Namely Nebraska, my current home state.

What DOES one do when they’ve recently been released from the responsibility of work and find themselves with a week that’s also without the typical parental requirements? .. They plan a road trip!

(Of course 😉)

This little adventure we are heading out on this morning will take us to many unexplored corners, edges, toadstools, butes, skies wide with possibilities, and perhaps (according to the forecast) even snow! We’ve mapped a course that will hit several of the rarely visited highlights Nebraska has to offer.

If one passes through, as I’ve done many times on my way to Colorado, most of the view from I-80 is endless rolling hills of corn and soybean fields. It’s about 6 or 7 hours of the most boring scenery that the Universe created. One has to get pretty far from the beaten path to see the cool shit. And, there’s some really cool shit!

The other thing that happens sometimes when you live in a place is that you are always so busy rushing around all the days and exhausted at night (that’s me), that you don’t get out and experience what that place has to offer. It always amazes me when people from Omaha day they haven’t been to the Zoo (we have a world class Zoo), or that they have never been to Mahoney Park, or a college World Series game, or to any one of a dozen great restaurants around town. We’ve got Jazz and Shakespeare on the Green in Summer and there’s always some concert to go to, always.

I’m not saying it’s got all that say, Chicago or KC or Denver have to offer, but it’s just human nature to take for granted the places we dwell and not really experience them. I dunno, it could just be me, I guess I should not try to generalize the human population.

Anyway, so this week is all about “loving the one I’m with” with the one I love. How great is that?!! And in honor of that, our first destination is Valentine Nebraska. How appropriate!! 😊

As I said, the forecast is cold, raining, and possibly even snow where we are going. Of course. It’s reminiscent of the first little day trip that we took together last year to Winterset to see the Bridges of Madison County. Super romantic right up to the point where you can’t feel your toes because it’s snowing and freezing cold and you don’t have proper winter boots on. Still, I’m grinning from ear to ear in every single damn picture in front of every damn beidge. That’s what love does to a person. It doesn’t really matter what the conditions are, as long as you’re doing it together.

Cheers to that. And cheers to road trips! We’ve got all our snacks and supplies packed and are ready to take this show on the road.

Next Stop.. Ashfall Fossil Beds,

~Miss SugarCookie

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