2019-05-26 The Start of Something Beautiful

I’ve spent a good deal of quality time with my garden this weekend. I’m behind schedule for the year as I normally would like to have all my veggies and annuals in the ground shorty after Mother’s Day (by that day all threat of overnight frost has passed). This year was a little different as I not only had other priorities the last two weeks but also too a quick little road trip across Nebraska since Jim had the time off work.

So THIS was the weekend and it’s simply wonderful that the weather has been perfect. Let me tell you, my new space is just perfect too. The whole north side of the yard is dedicated to gardening with three large beds. They are surrounded by wood, which is rotting in parts but still good enough to keep the dirt from spilling out onto the brick paved pathways between the beds.

One of the beds is dedicated to tomato’s and peppers. I have four different variety of tomato and two bell peppers and one banana pepper.

On the far north there’s a structure of two solid wood posts and boards across the top and bottom. I supposed it was for plating something that would climb, but the ground in that area is paved so there’s nowhere to plant anything in the ground. Still I wanted to maximize the space so I hung some trellace and filled four large pots to sit on the bricks. That’s where our cucumbers are.

The second bed is divided into two sections. One half is herbs.. cilantro, chives, sage, spearmint, and dill. The division down the middle has iris I transplanted from my last house with some garlic and Stella day-lilies. They are all transplants from my last house actually and really planted in haste. So much so, only one of the garlic came up. No matter, there always next year for that (garlic is one of the few things planted in the fall).

The back half of that garden is still an area I have not completely decided on. At the far end I’ve planted a bunch of zinnias as they are probably my favorite flower and if grown in abundance, great for cutting and putting in vases steins the house. I may plant a zucchini along side that or maybe more perennials. Zucchini take a lot of space and I’m not sure there’s actually enough for that.

The third bed is just for pumpkins which take a ton of space too, but it’s one of the things Jim wanted. I had him plant some there last year (from a seed packet) and they did great. It’s amazing that you can spend like 10 bucks on seeds and get so much from that. The cucumbers, pumpkin, and all the herbs are from seed this year. Though it’s not much to look at yet.

I had two other big pots from my house and filled those with dirt too. They both have a variety of cherry tomato. I love to tend garden and pluck sweet little tomatoes right off the vine and eat them. I also can’t resist pretty flowers and there was one abandoned at the checkout that has magically found a home next to one of the cherry tomato plants.

I have a bunch of other pots along the fence and I’m sure I’ll find something for those as well (like the strawberry I also picked up at the last minute when I was getting my cherry tomato plant).

Walking through the rest of my new back yard is like walking through a daydream I couldn’t ever have imagined if I tried. I’ve been pictotally been documenting all the beautiful plants as they come up and bloom. Perhaps there’s a blog post about that will be winding its way out of my mind soon. Not today though. Today we’re getting the house ready for guests. It will be the first family event with members of both our families present. Should be an interesting evening!

That’s it for now.

Happy Blooming,

~Miss SugarCookie


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