2019-06-05 Ten Random Things…

Easy Like Lemon-Squeezeeee…

1. My Fitbit died yesterday for no apparent reason. I’m torn between contacting the company (because it’s not that old and stuff shouldn’t just stop working like that), not replacing it and seeing how life goes on without it, and running right out this morning to buy a new one.

2. We have a new egg in our Zebra finch nest this morning!!

3. It’s June 5th and I just finished the second book which was on my list of goals for the month of May.

4. It’s gonna be 90+ degrees today and I guess that means it’s officially summer.

5. I thought it was Tuesday until like 5 seconds ago.

6. It’s the third day in a row I’m doing Jazzercise today.

7. It’s the fifth day in a row I’m going to be eating gluten-free.

8. I got contacted by the same publisher who had published one of my poems last year asking for me to submit again. Ok!!

9. I got another email yesterday about a poetry contest for which the prize is 1,000 bucks! Wowza!!

10. It’s two weeks till I get to visit four of my bestest besties in Colorado. It’s so great to have so many awesome people in one place.

But seriously… This Fitbit thing is twisting my brain. I mean, how much control can one little device have on me??!! Yesterday I’m sure I got like 15k+ steps and not getting credit for that is a bummer. Then going to sleep last night without it was strange too. My stats are going to be so bonked up!! Stupid Fitbit!! 😬

That is all.

Happy Hump Day!

~Miss SugarCookie

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