2019-06-18 Where it Stops, Nobody Knows

It’s another severely overcast morning and the mood is set. Everything in the backyard is cast in a haze of forgetting. It would be a good day to slide under some blankets and nap the day away but then the guilt of wasting time would gnaw on my big toe and not let me really enjoy it. Just as well.. I’ve got packing to do.

I’ll be heading to the airport this afternoon. Typically now is about the time I would be second guessing flying but I’m actually glad I didn’t have to wake early to get on the road. If I was driving today, I would likely already be past Lincoln.

In my brilliance, I booked an afternoon flight thinking I would land just in time to meet my bro in Broomfield, perhaps catch a meal, and then head to my friends house about two hours west of Denver. Two things I was not thinking of.. if i spend any time at all, it will be dark when I’m driving and their house is literally in a town up in the mountains.

Typically I would be flying to Austin to visit my peeps and they are like 15 minutes from the airport and they pick me up. This new house is 2 hours from the airport and I have to rent a car. And it’s not just two hours of a typical highway drive. A few nights ago my friend texts me that it’s not a good idea to drive the mountain pass alone in the dark. “Wut?!”.

So either I’m skipping visiting my bro and going straight to my destination or I’m crashing at my bros house overnight which I’m not super excited about or I’m meeting up with my bro and then crashing in Denver with my friend Lance or I’m skipping visiting my brother and just hanging out with Lance. It’s good to have options but I really need to decide.

Part of my indecision stems from feeling obligated to visit my brother when I’m not really wanting to. When I contacted him to ask if he was available today he was very short in reply and didn’t seem that excited to meet up. I mean, how do you think a person feels when they are all like “hey, I saw your pics on Facebook and heard about your latest talk and that’s cool and I’m going to be in your area on Tuesday the 18th and would love to hang out and catch up”

And the reply is “we’ll be around”.

Well, super! I’m excited to see you too. Grrrrrr. My family is so stupid sometimes.

Lance lives in downtown Denver and if I had my choice of where to crash, I would stay at his place. That’s also questionable, I suppose, given the history of things. I haven’t mentioned that possibility to anyone but Lance which means I haven’t suggested it to Jim or Rebecca. That makes me question myself just a little bit. Why would that be? 🤔

I also am not sure about driving straight to Granby from the airport. If I arrive at 6, on time, will I have enough time to get through and over any mountain passes and sketchy roads before the sun goes down? I’m not cool with not knowing what I’m up against.

And now I’ve literally been rambling about my current conundrum for about 30 minutes. That’s enough of that. Things will all work out like they are supposed to.

In any case, I’ll be an expert driving the route by the end of this trip because I’m going to be driving to pick Jim up from the airport on Thursday. Eventhough I’m not flying, I’ll still have my fair share of time behind the wheel, and half of that solo.

I’m looking forward to that too. It’s wonderful to have a vibrant household full of life here but as an introvert, having some alone time is necessary. This is the first morning in quite some time that there have been no other people here.

Yup… right now it’s just the cats, birds, snails, fish and I. That’s still a lot of life, but nobody here to make dirty dishes in the kitchen. 😜

I suppose that’s enough random meandering for now. If I have time today before I head to the airport, I’m gonna try and start some new writing. (That’s my official declaration to make myself accountable). Yesterday a friend of mine suggested a writing “challenge” to write 1000 words a day for 2 weeks. After thinking on it, I determined that this blog doesn’t count (even though yesterday It was 1300+ words). So starting today I’m going to go for the 1000 with the parameter that it has to be “creative” writing and not this stream of consciousness stuff. We’ll see.

Cheers to All That and a Bag of Chips,

~Miss SugarCookie


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