2019-06-21 Colorado Day 3 – Rained In

We woke up this morning to very overcast skies and pouring rain. When there was a break in that action we took the dogs back up the trail on the opposite side of the hill from where we went yesterday. I’m sad I did not bring my camera as there were more beautiful fields and views from that side that were both completely the same and completely different than those we saw the day before.

Today’s promise is rain but it is very tough to tell if it is truly a promise or just a threat. The skies are still dark and stuffed with clouds of every shade of grey. Which is like 73 and not 50 like some writers might lead you to believe. In any case, it is tough to try to plan the day when you don’t know what the weather is really going to do.

I believe that we are calling it early though. No hiking, ski-lift rides, alpine slides, or anything with an extended time outside. That folks, means that we are in for a full day of indoor fun-filled activities, which, as it should be when your on vacation, starts with bloody Mary’s.

In all fairness, it is already like 2PM and we just got back from a long lunch in town and went back to the grocery store to get supplies, so it’s not like we are starting super early.

We have a few card games and gaint Jenga to keep us occupied for a while plus some conversation starter game called “Fifty questions I ask people when I want to talk abou myself” (or something like that). That should be fun.. especially after a few cocktails.

At this point the kids are watching a show downstairs having their popcorn and we are gathered in the kitchen/dining area having our “adult snacks”. No matter what happens, we are going to make the most of it. And as I’m very fond of saying lately, things will happen the way they are supposed to. It is just the Way.

Hugs and Kisses,

~Miss SugarCookie


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