2019-07-24 NYC Day 0 – The Arrival

Flying in at night was cool. City lights stretched out as far as the eye could see. I guess that’s what 8.6 million people looks like from the sky. Pretty freaking incredible.


It’sofficially flipped over past midnight here but the travel all happened on the 24th so I’m sticking with that.

We landed at just past 9:30pm, hailed an Uber, and made it to our 4 bedroom VRBO home away from home in less time than I anticipated. It’s a nice place with enough space for all 6 of us and seems to be in a great location. Well do grocery shopping tomorrow AM (because that’s how we roll) and get our bearings with regards to coffee and Walgreens and which way true north is here (that’s just me).

I’m really hoping for a little time each day to write and reflect. I think that should not be a problem since we have 4 teenagers that also dig their “me” time. The itinerary we have set is pretty balanced. We’ve covered the basic bases with a good selection of must see activities and places.

Since NYC is the biggest city in the US, I guess that makes this the biggest SugarCookie adventure yet (if population was the measure and not travel time/distance). We’ll soon see!

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

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