2020-03-03 A Monumental Day in SugarCookie History 💗

I have a myriad of topics I’d like to write about today. Which one will emerge as the winner is anybody’s guess. Perhaps I can dabble here and there and satisfy my want to think through a few things and not linger with too many words on just one.

Today is the two year anniversary of the day I swiped right on that picture of the man who would make me so happy and make feel like the luckiest girl in the world. It also happens to be the day we also started chatting on the bumble app, and had our first phone conversation, and oh yeah, met in person for the first time. Yes, all in the same day.

If there was one thing we both knew for ourselves and came to appreciate in the other person, was that we had spent enough time sorting out what we wanted and did not want in a partner. And though things moved fast, we were on the same wavelength every step of the way.

From saying “I love you”, to introducing each other to our parents and kids, to my spending all my parental kitchen passes living at his place, the timing was spot on. The first thing we did not agree on as far as timing goes was when to get married. If he had his way we would be celebrating our first wedding anniversary today. It’s true. This is the date he originally threw at me and at the time I was like “whoa there love, that’s like not even possible (it was October and we had not even officially moved in together). I put the brakes on and serendipitously discovered that palindrome date which was perfect.

We’re not really doing anything to celebrate. I actually think he might have forgotten but we’ll see.

My day today will be largely comprised of what I’m now calling household engineering. A fancy way to say that I’m cleaning litter boxes, taking trash out, going grocery shopping, among other random tasks. Our cat Doug has recently decided that he’s fascinated with water sloshing in the water dishes and pushes them all over the floor, spilling water everywhere.

This means that not only is the floor a mess (think water soaked cat food pieces floating in puddles) but also the dishes become empty and they don’t have anything to drink (except Emma who will drink from the toilets). It’s funny but also gross.

I bought this boot tray thing you set your wet boots on in winter to dry out and put the dishes on that. Now instead of the floor being a mess, the tray fills up with water and the stray food pieces disintegrate completely in a quarter inch of water. Also gross.

We’ve watched him do it. He’s completely mesmerized by it and does not seem satisfied until the dish is almost empty. He’s almost able to flip the dish over.

OMG… how I got from my anniversary to bad cat behavior is incredible!! In my defense, cats and their strange ways have become iconic. We started watching a documentary of how cats have taken over the internet. Memes, videos, Instagram accounts, hash tags. They are everywhere. We only watched about 10/15 minutes of the show because it wasn’t very well put together. And I don’t have any time for bad TV except of course The Bachelor.

Which I have to watch soon so that I’m not accidentally served a news story from Google spoiling the outcome of this latest season. The finale was last night.

The question now is, what’s more important: watching the show or getting my weekly submission in or editing the final 10 poems for my thesis or working on the new lit mag project or driving to Benson for burger wars today?

Those are my options when I finish with my household engineering. I will be editing tonight with my weekly writing group so I can probably use that as an excuse to cross that one off the list.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what emerges as the winner. My life is so exciting. 😜

I’ve got to cut here get after this taco Tuesday extravaganza.

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

PS. Today’s featured image is a picture of some landscaping on the path outside our hotel room in Kauai. 

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