2020-04-10 Stress (and Easter 🐣) in the Time of Covid

I was thinking about writing about stress today, because I’m noticing how the extra pressures put upon people make them react. And how different those reactions are. Some retreat into their shells while others appear to be coming out guns blazing.

I attended a Facebook live meeting yesterday put on by my kids’ school district and in the comments/chat people were very vocal with praise, questions, concern, and their frustrations. I had a hard time listening to the speaker because I was so distracted by the comments scrolling by.

I personally was waiting for some info on how the grades and grading would be handled for high-school students. I’ve got a senior who still needs to earn credits to graduate and have the opportunity to bring her grade up in two classes. And don’t get me started on my son, who is in 10th grade and is a constant battle even without a pandemic.

The short story for grades k-8 is that their 3rd quarter grade will stick. As I understand it, that will be their grade and the rest of the school year/online learning will focus on keeping them moving forward with regards to core areas but no grades. But the same does not apply for high-schoolers. They are going to start grading next week again, with assignments etc. Its not clear how much or what weights will be placed on different areas.

In any case, my natural inclination is to wait until they get it sorted out but it’s been like 3 weeks now and it’s still unclear. I’m sympathetic with some of the frustrations expressed in the live chat comments, but I try to remind myself that everyone is doing the best they can and I know that to be true.

See, I don’t even know how to react in this situation. I think, I’ll just email Dr. Rikli but then I think On how his (and everyone else’s) email is probably blowing up daily with questions. I dunno.

I do know that today is Friday and the kids are at their dad’s house now and a little part of me is just feeling relief from not having to be task-master during the day while I’m trying to work or get other stuff done. I’m looking forward to this weekend and making progress on school and my side projects. And getting to spend some QT with Jim.

It doesn’t feel like Good Friday, or Easter weekend, or even April (26 degrees out right now, brrrrr 🥶). In a normal year we’d be planning our grand egg hunt and considering gathering with family (Not for Easter necessarily with my family though since they are a bunch of heathens 😜).

We’ll still do an egg hunt when the kids return. I love that they still love doing this even though they are teenagers. For them it’s all about the competition. We normally like to dye Easter eggs too cuz that’s artsy and fun, but that might not happen because eggs are in short supply this year. Nobody eats hard-boiled but me and I’m not needing 2 dozen eggs right now. 🤢

In any case, the time I would normally spend on some of this stuff will be available for whatever. Perhaps I should do my taxes? 🤔 Haha.. jk!! 😂😂😂

Jim is off today and is still sleeping. I have a long day today with lots of meetings. He transitioned to weekend mode last night and I’m not quite there, but I’ll get there.

Just a few more hours to go.

Well, what started out as a post about stress hopped it’s way to kids and school and Easter and my thoughts about the weekend. Go figure! In any case, it’s time to get to work. Tick-tock.

Cheers to Friday,
~Miss SugarCookie

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