2020-08-24 Hot as Balls

All week. It’s just gonna be super sweaty and melt-y outside. I’ll tell you, I know this is pretty typical for Nebraska. I’ve been celebrating birthdays in this part of the Midwest my entire life and somehow the last week in August is always brutal.

It’s that week that I’m typically already tired of watering and I know if I don’t get out and get after it, lots of annual flowers and veg will just burn up. I’ve lost a lot of beauties that way. I gotta keep on it this week, despite the swelter.

But enough about the weather.

I’ve got an appointment today for a diagnostic on that lump on my left breast. It’s like one of those things it does no good to let your mind linger on it, but you know, it’s kinda tough not to.

I’m not contemplating personal consequences of an unfavorable result. That’s just too much. But it does make me think about my sweet friend Kala that died a little over a year ago from cancer. Her body lost a long battle with the invasive predator. She was diagnosed around 30 years of age. She fought hard. She was very open with people about her struggles. She was a warrior. And in the end I wasn’t even able to bring myself to be counted among the hundreds at her funeral. I regret that.

She had a loving husband and two small children who will not know who she was before the fight. My heart always aches when I think about her poor children. To die young is a tragedy, but to lose a parent like that is just heartbreaking.

I really don’t have more to say about that (or anything else).

Holding Today in the Palm of my Hand like the Precious Gift it Is,
~Miss SugarCookie

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