2020-09-01 New Phone, Who Dis?

Let me start by saying that I often have thoughts in my head which are very amusing to me. I giggle a little and then think.. that’s so funny, I should tweet that. Then I second guess myself and question if it’s really funny or just funny in my own head. Then I giggle again.

That goes on for a hot minute and I spend what is probably too much time contemplating my sense of humor and also what purpose it serves to share it with the 10 people who might actually read my tweets. Then I remember I hate social media and decide it would be a waste of time (as if I’d not already wasted enough time).

You can see how all that might make a person feel a wee bit cray. But that is how my brain works.

All this to introduce today’s topic. My new phone. It’s not new, it’s a hand-me-down iPhone 7 that my darling husband has finally convinced me to try for a few days.

My phone is an iPhone SE (1st gen) and I’ve had it for like… ever. Or at least long enough to call it my BAE. You all remember that acronym right. I’ve had the phone so long (and was so insistent that we never part ways) that I started calling it my BAE. I love that little device.

But for real, if something ain’t broke, why replace it?My BAE fits my hand perfectly. I’ve typed literally hundreds of thousands of words into Evernote in it. And it has a perfect phone case that I found on clearance at Office Max for like 5 bucks that holds 4 cards.. drivers license, credit card, insurance card, and whatever 4th card is Next highest on the priority list at the moment (currently my Costco card).

It also has superior battery life and blue tooth pairing. Everyone in my house hates the fact that my SE aggressively pairs with speakers and always beats their devices to the punch. So many times I hear my music playing on some speaker followed by groans and someone hollering “turn off your Bluetooth!” Ha!!

I’ve made tons of jokes in my head about my husband trying to break up me and my BAE. That he should not test me and should never issue ultimatums that l choose between him and my SE. That he might not enjoy the outcome. 😂

See, this is super funny in my own head. But is it really funny? Would other people also be amused. Is it worth 140 characters that a tweet would allow? Probably not but it is apparently worth a whole blog post. 😜

In any case, I’m giving this iPhone 7 a spin to see how it feels. So far the typing is off as my fingers are not used to the size and there’s just so much backspacing going on. It’s so light and slippery in my hand and as a consequence I’ve dropped it twice already (once because it slipped out of my pocket in the laundry room).

Don’t even get me started on not having a case that holds my cards. I hate not having that. My kids say that this is easily remedied by getting a new case that has that feature, but who wants to go to all that trouble when I’m just going to switch back to my BAE??!!

I’ll give it till the weekend. Four more days and that’s it. It’s so funny to set my BAE next to my sons iPhone 8xl. That phone looks like a damn tablet next to mine. I don’t get the big phones (or their owners). I guess not everyone’s hands are as small as mine. And if you watch a lot of video content (like my kids), I suppose the bigger display is nice.

But I don’t do any of that on my phone. I’d prefer to use my phone less and not more. I would even propose the no-phone option if it weren’t for the need to have a way for people to contact me in an emergency.

Which leads me to the the end of this post. Top 10 things I use my phone for:

  1. Text communications
  2. Listening to music
  3. Typing while walking on the treadmill
  4. Checking email
  5. Making phone calls
  6. Taking pictures
  7. Getting directions from google maps
  8. Checking the weather
  9. Looking at my Fitbit stats
  10. Getting my grocery list from Alexa

The temporary phone switch also resulted in my deleting like 20 apps I never use. I Cleaned up and did a reorg of that mess. That feels good, but doesn’t necessarily help the 7 In it’s efforts to win my affections.

Ok… that’s my hour for today folks. If you read this far, you’re definitely a saint. I gotta get to work.

Peace Love and Tacos
~Miss SugarCookie

PS. 17 work days left till my early retirement! 💃💃💃


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