2020-10-21 Tricky Pickles and Tip Toes Teetering in the Middle

I’m teetering on tip-toes between taking another day “off” like yesterday when I said “fuck it” to the universe and crawled inside myself and embracing today as a bedazzled opportunity to get a lot done.

I’m 9 submissions away from my goal for October. And technically I’ve got more poems out in the wild than are reported in my submittable stats as I’ve also been submitting to places with alternate platforms. I bet I can knock out two or three more today if I put my back into it.

It’s also 3 days from my husbands birthday. Which is already known to be a tricky pickle. Here’s a man who is generous and thoughtful AND has done an over-the-top job on celebrations for me, other people, and other events. Always. My birthday in August no exception.

S-cat-venger hunt, gifts, a new kitten, Clues— complete with quotes by famous authors about cats. How does one match that? The answer is they don’t.

That’s second base. First base is the fact that said person does not like to receive gifts or praise or special acknowledgment. It’s been a point of contention in our relationship. I Want to tell him how awesome he is, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He says he doesn’t like it. What’s a girl to do?

Blow up some balloons and hang some decor and wrap a set of thoughtful gifts of course. And cross my fingers that it can all be received with an open heart and positive spirit.

Spoiler alert for any young people reading this… it’s not as easy to blow up balloons with your own breath when you reach your forties. #truth

The real gifts that I need to work I’m in the next few days are “acts of service” type things which I believe are his primary language of love. This means, it will mean more to him if I take care of the car registration and replace the thermostat in our living room and get an appointment on the books for car maintenance. Or figure out the spice of that new drip from the ceiling behind me as I walk on the treadmill. That’s new today. Fun!

Yeah.. that adulting crap that is like my primary contribution to household operations now. Should be a snap right?

I’d better get my tip-toes in gear and get to work. I can’t have another day like yesterday. I just cant.

2 responses to “2020-10-21 Tricky Pickles and Tip Toes Teetering in the Middle”

  1. I read “5 Love Languages” not too long ago and instantly recognised it. I love finding some connection to strangers. Best of luck with the gifts; I am also hard to buy/treat, but I’ve managed to get better at telling others what they could do to show for me.

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